A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735 Where Is The Baby

For reasons unknown, Matthew reflexively wanted to turn Nancy down when he heard that she wanted a favor from him, but ultimately, he held himself back from uttering whatever he was on the cusp of saying.

“What is it?” Matthew’s response was rather muted. He might be inclined to help if it was a modest request but reckoned that he might not be able to handle anything beyond that.

“I’ve been badly burned in the fire. That little bastard Aaron has stationed men at all the hospitals and clinics demanding to screen every person coming in to purchase medication for burns or receive treatment for it. So I…”

Matthew caught the gist of what she was trying to convey even before she was done talking. Aaron’s maneuvers are intended to flush out her whereabouts. It would seem that that fire was set by her rescuers, who did not expect things to get so out of hand that Nancy herself had gotten hurt in the process.

“Got it. I’ll try to get you those meds.”

After he hung up, Matthew then wracked his brains trying to figure out how he might be able to get his hands on what she needed. Must I burn myself in order to get that medication to send to her?

Two days later, Sonia was discharged from the ICU. She immediately burst into tears the second she caught sight of Harvey. While she was bleeding out and close to death, the one person she could not bear to leave behind was neither her aged parents nor her newborn child, but that man whom she had dated for barely a few months prior.

“Why are you crying? Are you hurting somewhere?” Upon seeing her sniveling, Harvey used his fingers to brush away her tears before kissing her gently on her face.

“Where is the baby? How is he doing?” Sonia asked softly.

“He’s doing great. Eating well and sleeping soundly too.” Harvey regarded her with affection in his eyes. “Thank you, Darling, for everything you had to go through to bear me a child.”

Following that, he placed a bouquet of fresh roses in her hands.

Those roses she was presented with, coupled with hearing Harvey’s words, left Sonia profoundly moved.

What is he even saying? That I bore him a child? It’s not as though the baby belongs to him and only him. I’m the baby’s mother too.

Nevertheless, his words made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“Have you sent a photo of the baby to Grandpa yet?” a frail Sonia asked. “I’m sure that he would be delighted to know that the baby was born.”

The thought of Harrison back home in Chanaea put a smile on Sonia’s face.

“Yeah, I did that yesterday. Grandpa was very concerned and was extremely upset to learn that you had bled a lot. He insisted that you video call him after you have been discharged.”

His lips reflexively lifted up when he was reminded that Harrison had Sonia in his thoughts. Harvey wished to be able to take Sonia and his baby home after the dust had settled and hoped that Aaron would be able to quickly implement some change in legislation so that he could be lawfully married to Sonia and also host a grand wedding for her.

Owing to legal restrictions, he and Sonia were yet to be able to collect their marriage certificate and remained in a state of cohabitation. Despite the numerous applications they had submitted, Kelly’s attempts to help them in this regard had been repeatedly thwarted by Lawrence.

While they chatted, he wheeled Sonia into the hospital confinement center. That was an arrangement that had been made prior to Sonia giving birth.

The moment they passed through the door, they could straightaway spot Kelly, who was in the midst of feeding bottled milk to the baby.

“How are you holding up? Do you feel unwell in any way?” asked Kelly promptly when she saw Harvey pushing Sonia in. Had the baby in her arms not needed her attention, she would have gone to pick Sonia up alongside Harvey.

Sonia shook her head. “I’m fine, actually. Just feeling a little weak, that’s all.”

“How can you not be after losing so much blood?” Kelly was looking quite distressed. “Over the next couple of months, you should try to ignore everything else and focus on nursing your own body back to health first.”

It was not known how Matthew did it, but he managed to secure the medication for treating burns, which he subsequently dropped off at the location Nancy designated.

While Nancy looked at the medicine that had been delivered, her eyes narrowed, for another idea sparked within her.

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