A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734 Is She Not Dead

A series of heart-rending shrieks were heard coming from an apartment at an unspecified location. “Hang in there, Your Majesty. They should be returning with the medication in a bit.” Though she had suffered burns of her own, Monisha endured her own physical pain to offer Nancy comfort.

Being the first time Nancy had ever been that aggrieved, her hatred for Aaron had thus reached boiling point. She would not have been made to suffer so much if not for him. What made it worse was that he had actually instructed the hospital to turn away burn victims, and clinics to decline selling medication for the treatment of burns. To her, he was obviously trying to push her to the brink.

Outside, in the living room, Linda looked toward the Duke and shook her head. “We can’t purchase any medication for treating burns anywhere.”

The Duke’s dour mood was palpable on his face. It is truly unexpected that this king would be so devious as to use such means to force the queen mother to reveal herself.

Scoffing, he then knocked on Nancy’s door. “That grandson of yours seems to have inherited your ruthlessness. I think you may have to endure it, as it looks likely that we won’t be able to acquire treatment options no matter where we look.”

Nancy’s fingers tightened against themselves when she heard his words from where she was inside the room.

“Do you still have my phone?” she asked through gritted teeth.

The Duke motioned to Linda with his eyes, and the latter picked up Nancy’s phone. Opening the door, she passed that along to Nancy before she backed out and closed off access to the latter’s room behind herself.

Over at the Nighy residence, Matthew had been seated inside his study ever since he learned that Nancy had been burned to death. He was unable to wrap his head around how the woman he had made love to just a few days ago could have abruptly met such a fiery end.

How did the prison catch fire? There hasn’t been an instance of such a disaster in decades, so how could one have suddenly gone off less than two days into Nancy’s incarceration? He had his doubts about how the whole affair came about, with Arron, in particular, being his prime suspect.

Can he really not tolerate Nancy’s existence? He was already planning to approach her in a couple of days with the aim of convincing her to relinquish the power she wielded in view of enjoying her own retirement. So what’s the rush? At the end of the day, she’s still his own grandmother. Isn’t there any room at all left in his heart for her?

Melissa felt terrible seeing how her husband had shut himself away inside his study after learning of Nancy’s passing,

She had been in the belief that she had managed to touch his heart and move him, only to realize that she had moved only herself, for he had only demonstrated himself to be that much more attached to the other woman.

Silently, Melissa stood before the door to the study while a tear rolled off the corner of her closed eyes.

“From this day on, I am no longer in love with you, Matthew.” Melissa turned around and headed downstairs. This time, she had well and truly given up on him.

Less than a few minutes after her departure, Matthew’s phone started ringing. That ruckus did enough to bring him back to his senses. When he picked up the phone to have a closer look at the display, what he saw made him shoot up to his feet.

Isn’t she dead? How is she still able to call me?

Bereft of the courage to answer, he clutched the phone in his hands until the caller hung up.

Just as he was contemplating, whoever was in possession of Nancy’s phone called in again. He lowered his head and still dared not answer it when he saw that it was made from that same number.

It was a replay of the same scenario over and over between him and the caller until a text message came in coming up to the fifth or sixth time he failed to pick up. What he saw of its contents immediately caused his eyes to widen in astonishment.

Scarcely believing what he was seeing, he rubbed his own eyes before he read on. A thorough examination of the contents of the message then left him inexplicably overwhelmed.

Suddenly, the phone went off again, and this time, he picked it up and responded without hesitation.

“Why didn’t you answer any of my calls, Matthew?” Nancy was a little miffed at failing to reach him repeatedly.

It was only upon hearing Nancy’s own voice that Matthew was duly convinced that she indeed still lived.

Before he could seek an explanation for how that came to be, he heard Nancy say, “Matthew, I need your help with something…”

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