A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733 Congratulations

Arielle came to an abrupt halt when she heard that. She then gave Vinson a sidelong glance. “Can I take it that you were quite shocked by what happened today?” Without awaiting an answer, she went on to remark cheerfully, “Actually, Sonia’s experience isn’t ubiquitous across every pregnancy. There are some—”

“I can’t allow anything bad to happen to you, Sannie.” Before Arielle could finish, Vinson suddenly pulled her into his arms and held her fast. “I have you, and that’s enough for me.”

Given a choice between her and a child, he would choose her without question every single time. He did not wish for anything untoward to befall her, nor would he venture to risk the prospect of that happening.

Arielle had not expected the events of the day to bring out such a visceral reaction from Vinson, especially not to the extent that he would not even want to have children anymore. That did not sit right with her, for she still wanted to experience parenthood even if he did not share in her enthusiasm for it. She decided against forcing the issue when she saw how traumatized he was, and it also occurred to her that it might be more prudent to counsel him at a later time.

The thought of that prompted her to pat Vinson reassuringly on the back. “I know that.”

As they were inside the hospital, they only hugged briefly before separating. Vinson held her hand while they entered the ward. When the couple stepped inside, they spotted Harvey with his head bowed. He was peering at the infant inside the crib. A usually stoic man, his eyes, at that moment in time, evoked an indescribable tenderness.

That was probably the sensitive side that belied his hard-man persona.

“I have myself a son now, Vinson.” When he saw the husband and wife pair make their way in, Harvey lifted his head to regard Vinson with sheer exhilaration.

The Jupiters’ lineage would be set to continue now that he had gotten himself a son. Reminded of the photo that had just been sent to Harrison, the bratty Jared immediately took one on his end and sent it back the other way. Inside that photo, Harrison was shown wiping his own eyes. That informed Harvey that his own grandfather was so overwhelmed that he was shedding tears of joy.

“Congratulations on becoming a father,” said Vinson, patting Harvey on the shoulder.

Being the first among the four to get hitched, he was initially convinced that he could very well be the first to have a child of his own as well. Hence, it came to him as a bit of a surprise that Harvey managed to get in ahead of him when it came to embracing fatherhood.

After what transpired on the day, however, he had dismissed all notions of having Arielle conceive. He no longer had the desire to conceive a child and especially not through a process that would subject his own wife to undue risk. He simply could not bear living in a world without her in it.

“Thank you for today, Princess. If not for you, Sonia would have…”

“Yeah. It was fortunate that you were around, Arielle. Without you, I dread to imagine…”

Soon after Harvey arrived in the ward, he related what had happened prior to Sonia’s parents. When they learned that Arielle had gone in to save her, they were both filled with a profound sense of gratitude. That was why the two of them were taking turns to thank Arielle when they saw the latter.

“This isn’t necessary. Sonia is my friend. I just did what I could for her.” Smiling subtly as soon as she was done talking, Arielle then went on to check on the baby inside the crib next to her.

The sight of the tiny infant inside the crib melted her heart. Though the child was still very young, she could already tell that he was an amalgamation of Harvey and Sonia’s best qualities.

She found the little round mound who puckered his lips every once in a while to be exceedingly lovable.

Thus, she could not resist extending her index finger to tease his cheeks. Basking under the warm glow of the light, the genial woman with her head lowered impressed herself as being particularly kindly, and the motherly vibe she exuded instantly made Vinson’s heart sink.

She likes children so much. Would I be robbing her of her right to become a mother by not wanting us to conceive? No. Whatever the case, I will not allow myself to waver!

As much as he did not want to expose her to danger, watching her play with the baby and seeing how much she loved children only served to compound his own apprehension. The thought of that caused him to nod discreetly. He felt he had just come up with the perfect alternative which would enable Arielle to experience motherhood while also avoiding the agony of child-bearing.

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