A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1732

Chapter 1732 Let Us Not Have Any Children

Knowing that Sonia was the only patient inside, Harvey became worried. Suddenly, he saw another group of doctors rushing into the room. “May I know what happened to the lady?

I’m Dr. Moore, a doctor invited by His Majesty to give lectures in your country. I can lend a hand if there’s an emergency.” Arielle stopped one of the nurses and made her intention clear. The nurse’s eyes glittered with hope when she heard that.

“She’s bleeding extensively. Let me lead you to the changing room to get ready,” the nurse replied as she ushered Arielle to get changed. Two minutes later, they returned.

“Ari, I beg you to save her, please…” Harvey pleaded with a pair of red-rimmed eyes. “Don’t worry!”

After leaving him with that assurance, Arielle entered the labor room, only to realize that Sonia’s situation was rather critical.

She had fallen unconscious because of losing too much blood, and her blood system did not seem to function well.

“Help me perform an arterial blood gas test. Her pulse is exceptionally weak. What’s her blood count now? And the lactic acid?”

“Her blood count is seven point four, whereas the lactic acid value has hit four!”

Arielle knew that Sonia’s situation was extremely critical.

She walked toward her and looked her in the eyes. “I’m here. Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry too much.”

Sonia responded to her comforting words with a nod.

“I’m feeling a bit dizzy…” Sonia said in a feeble voice. She was so weak at that time.

Arielle held her hands tightly and whispered in her ears, “It’s normal to feel dizzy because you lost some blood. Don’t overthink things. Everything will be just fine.”

The medical knowledge of the healthcare providers in Turlen was quite poor. They did not handle Sonia’s case well. In fact, all of their actions were guided by Arielle step-by-step.

Finally, they managed to stabilize Sonia’s pulse and blood pressure.

Five hours later, Arielle exited the labor room.

Harvey darted over as soon as he saw the sight of her. “Sonia… How is she?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

He was terribly afraid to hear any bad news.

Arielle knew how worried he was. Hence, she updated him right away. “She’s okay now. Afterward, she will be transferred to the ICU for another two to three days of further observation until her vital signs become completely normal. By then, she can return to the regular ward.”

Harvey could not help but feel perturbed by the fact that Sonia had to stay in the ICU. Arielle assured him that it was the regular procedure and that Sonia would recover in no time.

Half an hour later, the nurse sent Sonia to the ICU. Harvey only got to see her during the short journey when they pushed her out of the labor room until she arrived at the ward. Seeing the exhausted and asleep Sonia, Harvey wished he could bear the pain for her in any way possible.

“Go and accompany your son in the ward. Sonia doesn’t need you here,” urged Arielle.

While Harvey was fretting outside the labor room, Kelly and Lawrence were waiting for Sonia’s return to the ward. After two to three hours, their patience ran out, and they became anxious. They called Harvey, only to learn that Sonia was in a medical emergency, suffering from significant blood loss. At that moment, Kelly’s legs turned to jelly. She wanted to dash toward the labor room, but Lawrence stopped her.

He thought that it was better for Kelly to remain in the ward and take care of their grandson as there was nothing she could do in the labor room.

With Sonia in the ICU for further observation, Harvey felt he ought to break the news to her parents and ease their concerns.

He agreed with Arielle and decided not to hang around the ICU. Subsequently, he met up with his in-laws and updated them about Sonia’s condition. Her parents were relieved when they heard that Sonia could be discharged from the ICU once she recovered in several days.

Arielle then got herself changed. When she got out of the labor room, Vinson walked arm in arm with her to visit Harvey’s newborn.

Suddenly, Vinson made a statement. “Sannie, I think it’s best we don’t have any children.”

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