A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1731

Chapter 1731 Bad News

When Harvey heard that his wife was going to give birth anytime soon, he tried hard to suppress his anxiety and consoled her instead. “Hang in there, Darling. Don’t be scared. I’ll drive you to the hospital now.”

If one were to listen carefully, they would be able to notice a quaver in his voice. “I know… I-I’m not scared…” Sonia was sweating profusely when she said that.

Meanwhile, Lorraine whipped out her phone to call Arielle and informed her that they would not be able to go to her place because of the emergency. Arielle was so happy for Sonia that she could greet her baby soon after nine months of pregnancy.

“Ask Harvey which hospital is he headed to and then send me the location. I’ll be right there after making arrangements for the children,” said Arielle. Lorraine had the speaker turned on. Hence, Harvey heard exactly what Arielle said, and he responded immediately with the name of the hospital. It was located quite a distance away, but it was the best hospital.

Upon hanging up the phone, Arielle called up the doctor she had hired to request more hands to help babysit the children. She offered a lucrative package at five hundred a day, which fetched her many good responses.

Soon, she managed to shortlist and hire three individuals for the job. Two of them were responsible for babysitting the children, whereas the third one was in charge of preparing daily meals. After assigning the tasks accordingly, Arielle and Vinson left for the hospital.

Meanwhile, Harvey had just completed the admission procedures for Sonia. Lawrence and Kelly rushed to the hospital as soon as Lorraine informed them about the news.

“Keep walking during active labor, Sonia. It helps to speed up the delivery.” Kelly held Sonia as they walked around the ward for a few rounds.

However, Sonia could not bear the pain and refused to move a muscle.

With an arm on her waist, she furrowed her brows and grumbled, “I can’t take this anymore.”

As much as Kelly felt sorry for Sonia, she had to stay rational and encourage Sonia to do what was beneficial.

“Come on, Sonia, you can do it. If you stop taking walks now, the intensity during labor will increase even more. Let’s walk a bit more so that you will have a smooth delivery that is less painful.” Kelly tried her best to convince Sonia, but the latter turned a deaf ear. “I’m telling you that I’m in great pain. Why are you forcing me to walk? I knew it. You don’t love me at all…”

Instantly, Sonia bawled her eyes out. Harvey, who was watching her, felt so helpless.

“Mom, just let her be if she doesn’t want to walk anymore. Alternatively, we can opt for a cesarean,” uttered Harvey while gently wiping the tears off Sonia’s face.

Sonia became upset. She rejected the idea, for it would leave a scar on her belly.

“No, I don’t want a cesarean. I want a natural birth!” Sonia told Harvey. Subsequently, she dug her fingers into Harvey’s arm and endured the pain. “I’ll just keep walking…”

Arielle, who was standing at the door, witnessed the scene and flashed a faint smile.

As a doctor, she had heard that the benefits of talking walks during pregnancy were plentiful.

Two hours later, Sonia was sent into the labor room, leaving the rest waiting outside. Harvey paced back and forth anxiously. When he heard Sonia’s screams, he wished that he could give birth on her behalf.

Another two hours had passed, and the doors to the labor room finally opened. A nurse came out with a baby cot, announcing, “Congratulations, it’s a boy!”

“Nurse, where’s my wife? How is she?” Harvey could not care less about the baby. All he could think of was Sonia.

“She’s doing well. She will be out after two hours of observation.”

Harvey was relieved upon hearing that. Then, he gazed at the baby in the cot, and his heart softened at that instant. This is my own flesh and blood, my son.

Kelly, on the other hand, was worried that it would be bad for the baby if he stayed in the corridor for too long. Thus, she pushed the cot to the ward, leaving the Nightshire couple and Harvey outside of the labor room.

Right when Sonia was about to exit the labor room, a voice could be heard shouting frantically, “Oh no!”

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