A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1730

Chapter 1730 Delivering Soon

“What about these three? Aren’t you sending them home too?” Harvey was puzzled.

“We can only do that once we know who their parents are. Meanwhile, we’ve decided to keep them with us since they’ve grown closer to Sannie. If we change their guardian now, I’m afraid it will take time for the kids to familiarize themselves with the new person,” Vinson said.

The Nightshire couple loved children. Although those kids were not their own, they did not mind fostering them for a short period of time. Moreover, they thought of doing a good deed to build good karma for their future child.

Harvey knew that Bella’s sister and her family were utterly dejected and devastated due to what happened to their son. Hence, he bid the Nightshire couple farewell and quickly asked Sonia to contact Bella.

Sonia did not know that it was Arielle who found the baby. When she saw Harvey carrying the child home, she got so worked up. In less than half an hour, Bella arrived with her sister and brother-in-law.

When the couple saw that their baby did not lose any weight but gained some, on the contrary, they heaved a sigh of relief and knelt down before Harvey. Having their most precious asset back in their arms, they were rendered speechless and did not know how to express their gratitude to Harvey.

Harvey swiftly turned and got them up on their feet again. “Nothing else matters more than having the child found safe and sound. Please look after him properly in the future.”

The couple was overwhelmed by the joy of getting their son back. Bella’s sister lowered her head and kept kissing her baby from his cheeks to his forehead.

Bella did not expect that her nephew would be found so quickly, especially when there had been no news about him. She had thought that it would cost her family an eternity of struggle to locate the child. Her sister’s in-laws had given up searching for the boy and had been channeling their focus into pressuring the couple to give birth to a second baby. Bella’s sister had been so enraged by that that she had almost requested a divorce.

Now that her nephew was found, Bella was glad that her sister did not need to go through emotional turmoil or a divorce anymore.

After Bella and her family left, Sonia asked Harvey where he found the baby, to which Harvey came clean with her and told her all about the research lab. Sonia was extremely shocked to learn that Arielle would undergo tremendous danger to save a child who had no relation to her.

No wonder she bought so many baby products! She has already planned to infiltrate the dangerous place on her own.

When Sonia heard that Arielle had also saved three other children, she was so impressed by her bravery and respected her even more. It was obvious that Sonia now viewed Arielle as her idol.

“Harvey, I want to go see Ari. It’s been a while since I last saw her,” Sonia pleaded in a child-like manner, wrapping her arms around Harvey’s.

Since Harvey had initially planned to send Lorraine back to Arielle, she brought Sonia along and fulfilled her wish.

Lorraine had longed to return to Arielle the moment she heard that the latter was back. However, she could not bring herself to request so because of the history of her kidnapping Sonia. Moreover, Arielle wanted her to stay with Sonia and protect her. She was completely taken aback when Harvey broke the good news to her, but she tried her best not to show the delighted expression on her face.

However, Lorraine felt rather awkward traveling together with Sonia. Her brows snapped together when she glanced at Sonia’s baby bump. She’s going to deliver soon… Oh well, I’d better keep my mouth shut. After all, Harvey has agreed to bring her along.

Without further ado, Lorraine went back to her room to pack her things before leaving with the rest for Arielle’s.

Halfway through their journey, Lorraine noticed that something was off about Sonia. Lo and behold, Sonia’s expression changed drastically. Oh no, did I jinx it? Please don’t tell me she’s going to deliver a baby soon!

Before Lorraine could pose a question to confirm her doubt, Sonia broke the silence. “H-Harvey, I-I think… I’m in labor…”

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