A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729 It Is Not Her Body

“It’s not her?” Aaron frowned as he walked toward her. “Then where did this corpse come from?”

“I believe the queen mother has been rescued. This body here is merely used as a masquerade,” Arielle shared her suspicion boldly.

The infuriated Aaron clenched his fists. I’ve underestimated the queen mother. I can’t believe someone would come to her rescue in the nick of time and even switch her body! If it weren’t for Arielle, I’d have mistaken this unknown person for the queen mother.

His brows snapped together at that thought. Who took her away? Could it be General Matthew? No, that’s impossible! I doubt he would do such a thing. If it wasn’t him, then who?

Immediately, he called for Carlos and Lawrence to update them about the queen mother’s escape and issued a code red alert in the city. “Search every nook and cranny thoroughly. Do not let go of any suspicious person!” Aaron instructed.

When the duo were about to leave, Arielle stopped them.

“Take special notice in hospitals and pharmacies. Henceforth, send more people to guard all the hospitals and clinics. Make sure that you personally check on each and every visitor to these healthcare centers, be it a patient consulting a doctor or someone purchasing medicine to treat a burn. If there’s anyone who doesn’t take this verification process seriously, that will be the end of him.” Arielle was resolute, leaving no room for discussion.

The two then gazed at Aaron, their king, seemingly waiting for a confirmation.

“Why are you staring at me? From now on, whatever Ms. Moore says, goes,” Aaron announced.

Carlos and Lawrence were very surprised to learn that Arielle meant so much to Aaron, to the extent that her words carried as much weight as the king’s. They nodded and left obediently.

Since the body did not belong to the queen mother, Aaron ordered his men to simply bury it somewhere.

Upon knowing that Aaron had to deal with other matters, Arielle and Vinson excused themselves. On the way home, Vinson asked about the four children.

Currently, he only knew that the eight-month-old baby was Bella’s sister’s son. Other than that, he was clueless about the other three.

“Let Harvey send the kid home and have someone bring him back to Bella’s sister. As for the other three, we can publish a notice online about missing children and see if anyone comes forward to claim them. We can ask the parents to perform a paternity test to verify their biological relationships before releasing the children. For now, let’s keep them with us.”

Having interacted with the kids for several days, Arielle had developed a special feeling toward them. She would surely miss them a lot once it was time for them to leave with their parents. Anyhow, she totally understood how important they were to their biological parents, who were probably fretting like crazy when their precious kids went missing.

When Harvey received a phone call from Vinson, he rushed over at once. Upon his arrival, he finally realized what Arielle had been up to all this while.

“You should stop doing such dangerous things. Although Vinson didn’t say anything, he’s very worried about you,” Harvey reminded her.

The latter took a sip of water and smiled at Vinson. I certainly know that he’s worried sick about me, but I had no better option. Otherwise, these children wouldn’t have survived.

“This child is the son of Bella’s sister. Please bring him back home, but don’t tell them we found him.” Vinson went to the room and carried the baby out in order to pass him to Harvey. “Ask Lorraine to come back. Sannie and I have our hands full, as we have three other children to take care of.”

Harvey stretched out his arms and received the baby. His eyes widened in disbelief when he heard what Vinson said. “Three more kids?”

Vinson nodded. “They wanted to use the children for experiments. If Sannie didn’t sneak into the lab, these kids would have lost their lives then and there.”

Harvey was from the military. He had faced many life and death experiences and especially loathed such cruel acts. Never in a million years had he imagined the queen mother of Turlen to be involved in one. To him, it was simply unacceptable!

Thankfully, Aaron now reigns as king. Otherwise, God knows how many more innocent lives will be sacrificed at the research lab!

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