A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1728

Chapter 1728 Her Majesty Has Passed On

Nancy held her breath in terror. Are they here to kill me or save me? Fear overtook her as she thought of Aaron’s men ending her life.

That brat is far crueler than his father. He’s only assumed the throne for months, yet he dares to lock me up and even wants to kill me!

Even Monisha dared not breathe. She knew that would only make Nancy even more scared. Just as they were caught in distress, the iron door was suddenly pushed open.

“Your Majesty?” someone whispered. “We’re here to save you!”

Only then was Nancy relieved.

“I’m here…”

Back at the palace, Aaron was informed of the fire in a timely fashion, but by the time he arrived, the fire had already been extinguished, and the whole place was covered with burnt marks.

“How’s the queen mother, Carlos?” Aaron asked.

Aaron actually did not care if Nancy was still alive.

He would still abide by the law if she survived and keep her in prison. If she died, it would be a lucky escape from punishment for her.

Since Carlos had been occupied putting out the fire, he did not have the time to check on Nancy. When he heard Aaron’s question, he hurried over with the keys and opened the door.

“Your Majesty… Her Majesty… has passed on,” Carlos reported in a shaky voice when he saw the two unrecognizable and burnt bodies.

She’s dead? Just like that? No way. Aaron went into the cell to confirm his doubt. When he saw the clothes and accessories on the bodies, he was sure that those two were Nancy and Monisha.

The king felt appeased.

She must have had a painful death. Good for her. She finally had a taste of what it was like for those innocent people she sent to the lab.

“Check and see if there are other casualties other than the two,” Aaron instructed.

Carlos nodded and went out.

After that, Aaron assigned Morrison to find a temporary chapel to place Nancy’s body. As for Monisha, her body was sent back home. Having settled these, Aaron went back to the palace.

When Arielle found out that a fire had broken out in the dungeon, killing both Nancy and Monisha, she rushed over with Vinson to confirm their doubts. They felt something odd about the incident. She refused to believe that Nancy had died just like that unless she saw her body with her own eyes.

They were denied entry when they arrived, so Arielle called Aaron to explain the purpose of her visit, and Aaron hurried over.

“Why do you want to see her body? Do you think there’s something wrong with it?”

Arielle nodded frankly. “I feel there’s something strange about this fire, and the queen mother’s death only increased my suspicion.”

When Aaron heard that, he brought her to another cell unaffected by the fire. They had moved Nancy’s body to another cell since she was just a heartless criminal who did not deserve to be the queen mother nor have a state burial at the royal cathedral.

If it were not for other unfinished business about the case, Aaron would have asked the men to dig a hole and bury her instead of wasting more space to keep her body.

“It’s clearly her from the clothes and accessories,” Aaron observed, pointing at the body.

Arielle walked over to take a closer look.

Aaron frowned, looking at her. Is she not afraid? The body smells.

Just as he was about to pull Arielle back, the woman said, “Aaron, this is not her body.”

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