A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1727

Chapter 1727 A Fire

She took a deep breath before pressing the button. “I’m locked up in prison. I need you to get me out.” There was no telling what the other person on the end of the line said, but Nancy’s face was scrunched up. You’re fishing in troubled waters!

Although she knew that the other party was taking advantage of her situation, Nancy did not have another alternative. She had to agree to the terms.

“Fine. I’ll give you what you want, but only after you get me out,” Nancy uttered coldly, holding back her anger.

“Deal. You’ll be out in no time. I’ll go get you myself.”

Nancy’s eyes darkened after she hung up.

“What did you just agree to, Your Majesty?” Monisha inquired softly when she spotted that the queen mother looked upset.

“Half of my military weapons,” Nancy answered through gritted teeth.

I wouldn’t have to give up on my military power if it were not for that ingrate! Half of what I have! That’s just too high a price to pay!

Monisha’s eyes widened like saucers. That is outrageous! No wonder Her Majesty looks so furious.

“Well, freedom is priceless, Your Majesty,” Monisha comforted. “I know you are willing to give up all the military arms you have just to regain freedom, no?”

She’s right. Given my circumstance, I will agree to whatever terms as long as I can get out. Since this is inevitable, I might as well do it happily. I can’t show any sign of unwillingness when dealing with that man.

Meanwhile, the man on the phone asked his secretary to book a flight ticket to Turlen immediately. Considering the few visas of entry he had to the country, the man thought it was finally time to put them to use.

“May I go with you to Turlen, Your Grace?” a woman asked when she heard that the Duke had asked the secretary to book a ticket. She had put aside her work and went to his office to see him, but the Duke glanced at her coldly without answering her.

The woman instantly understood his silence. He doesn’t want me to go. But Linda’s there. He might fall for her again when I’m not by his side.

Before she could say another word, the Duke had asked her to leave his office. The woman had no choice but to go out.

Then, the mysterious man took a cigarette from his drawer and went to the window for a smoke. “Congratulations, my dear brother. You’ll see me very soon,” he said with an evil smile.

At about midnight the following day, a group of men successfully undermined the prison’s security and set a fire. The fire spread all the way to Nancy’s cell, and Matthew called the fire brigade right away for help.

Nancy and Monisha coughed non-stop as they covered their noses with their hands while banging the cell door.

“What should we do, Your Majesty? How are we supposed to get out?”

Nancy’s expression turned grave. Do they want to burn me to death? No! I will live! I will remove Aaron from the throne and become queen myself!

The fire got bigger, and smoke billows soon covered the dungeon. Nancy felt her skin cracking up, and in desperation, she ran to the door. The scorching heat of the iron railing made her shriek in agony.

“Your Majesty!” Monisha cried out when she heard Nancy yelling.

Nancy did not answer. She had already given up all hope at that point. Am I going to die here? Why is he still not here? I thought he wanted half of my military arms. How can the prison catch fire? Did Aaron do this?

Nancy fell into utter dejection as her thoughts ran wild. Suddenly, she heard a series of rapid footsteps coming closer.

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