A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1723

Chapter 1723 Avenging Our Father

“Aaron! We can finally avenge our father!” Arielle said, her voice rather shaky. Aaron’s grip tightened around his phone in disbelief.

“Do you mean you found evidence of the queen mother murdering Father?” he asked in a thick nasal voice as if he was about to break into tears.

“No, but I found other evidence of her crime. You’ll be appalled to find out what she has done,” Arielle replied, her voice cold as she thought about what Nancy had done. Hearing her voice, Aaron felt a chill going down his spine.

“Come over when you’re available. I’ll pass you the evidence,” Arielle continued.

“I’ll go over now.”

After hanging up, Aaron drove to Arielle’s apartment.

Arielle ushered him in when he arrived and asked Vinson to pass Aaron the document.

As someone who knew medicine, Aaron did not take much time to understand the data. Detestation clouded his eyes when he saw the contract between Nancy and Torsten.

He did not expect the grandmother he respected to be capable of such a selfish and atrocious act that completely disregarded life. She is not worthy of her position as the queen mother.

“There are also video recordings of the research. You can take a look,” Arielle said, handing Aaron the flash drive. “We’re entrusting everything to you. Hopefully, she will be held legally responsible for her crime, and we can avenge the deaths of the innocent, including Father.”

Looking at the documents, Aaron suddenly felt a weight on his shoulders.

“Don’t worry. I will ensure she gets what she deserves,” he said solemnly, clenching his fists.

Once Aaron arrived at Paelsford Manor after leaving Arielle’s place, he inserted the flash drive into his laptop and opened the video recording files.

“Please… let me go…”

“Just kill me… I can’t take it anymore…”

“Help… Somebody…”

The girls in the video were tied to the operating table. Their anguish cries made Aaron’s heart churn. They are suffering because of Grandma!

Aaron balled his fists even more tightly as he glared at the screen. I will put you behind bars with this evidence.

With that thought, he picked up his phone and called Carlos to send men to surround Nancy’s palace. I shall apprehend her myself!

Carlos was shocked when he received Aaron’s order.

“What happened?”

“Just do as I say, Carlos,” Aaron said in a low voice.

The man obliged and carried out the order right away.

Since the king had spoken, it was his duty as the subordinate to do as he was told.

After hanging up, Carlos immediately led two armies to Nancy’s palace.

When Nancy heard the commotion downstairs, she asked Monisha to check out what was happening.

The aide was flustered when she saw that the men had already surrounded the whole compound. Frightened, she dashed upstairs to inform Nancy.

“Your Majesty! Carlos and his men have surrounded the area!” she cried out as she pushed the door open.

Nancy was incensed when she heard that.

Who do they think they are? Are they sick of living? She shot to her feet and hurried downstairs.

“What do you think you’re doing, Carlos?” Nancy barked.

“Excuse me, Your Majesty. I’m simply carrying out orders,” Carlos answered coldly.

Carrying out orders? Did Aaron do this? Who does he think he is?

Nancy’s chest tightened.

I’m his grandma! How can he disrespect me like this? It’s time for Turlen to have a new king!

“Get out!” she bellowed in fury.

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