A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1721

Chapter 1721 How Did I Miss That

“I said it’s not me!” “Look for it. Quick!” Norma ordered anxiously. We’ll be good as dead if this leaks! Torsten called for Morse immediately and questioned the man about what had happened that night, and Morse reported everything accordingly.

“So, you’re saying someone knocked you out?” Torsten asked. Morse nodded. “Yes. The drug was very potent. We didn’t wake up until the next morning.”

“This person must be an expert in drugs,” Norma chimed in with her head low. She had a few suspects in her mind.

“Search the place right now and see who owns such a drug. Anyone can be a potential suspect now, so check everyone. Leave no stone unturned,” Torsten instructed.

Morse started rummaging through the dorms.

“What are you doing, Morse?” other researchers cried out and went over to stop Morse when the man barged in.

Among them was a tall and thin researcher who disliked Morse because Torsten favored Morse. He was jealous of Morse because the professor would always bring him along for experiments. Why is he always getting special treatment when all of us were hired at the same time?

“This is Professor Hoffmeister’s order. You can talk to him if you’re unhappy. Now, get out of the way.” Morse grabbed the tall man and pushed him aside to continue his search.

Knowing that it was Torsten’s instructions and that he could not defy his order, the man who challenged Morse sulked at a corner and glared at Morse. Don’t let me get dirt on you, Morse, or I’ll have the professor kick you out.

The four men in the dorm complied with the search when they saw how Morse treated the tall man. When Morse finally left, they started gossiping among themselves about him.

It went without saying that Morse had no clue what they said about him. Even if he did, he did not care.

After finishing the first dorm, he went on to the second one, where the two chefs stayed. Since no one at the base knew how to cook, they had invited a couple over to prepare meals for them. The husband and wife had taken up the offer since they were promised handsome compensation and attractive benefits. Given these perks, they had stayed at the base for more than a decade despite being barred from visiting their family and children.

“What’s happening?” the wife asked when she saw Morse coming in with a straight face. Before Morse could reply, the husband said, “Something serious must’ve happened. We should just cooperate.”

The woman hushed instantly when her husband said so.

As for Morse, he continued looking for the drug on the premise and left for the next place when he was done.

His search was futile.

“Is there any place that you left out?” Norma asked when she learned that Morse did not manage to find anything.

“I searched every—” Morse suddenly stopped. “Which place did you leave out?” Norma inquired urgently.

“Dr. Moore’s place.”

Norma waved her hand dismissively when she heard that, but Torsten was skeptical. “Check her place as well. Thoroughly.”

The professor felt something fishy because nothing of the sort had happened before Arielle came to the base. Neither had the surveillance camera broken down prior to that. Yet all those happened after Arielle arrived, and that aroused his suspicion.

Norma did not say otherwise since Torsten insisted.

When Arielle saw Morse at her door, she let him in readily, knowing the reason for his visit.

“What is this, Dr. Moore?”

Looking at the packet of the powder in his hand, Arielle frowned. How did I miss that?

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