A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1719

Chapter 1719 Life Threatening

Norma was worried and nervous. “Should I head back first?” She was worried about the items in the safe going missing. Everything in the safe was life-threatening.

However, Torsten stopped her. I need her to deal with the matters here. If she goes back first, what about the problem here? “Don’t go back for now. Finish your work here before you return,” Torsten said with a dark expression.

Who the hell sneaked into the laboratory? “But—”

“No buts! We’ll leave it at that,” replied the man in annoyance.

With that, Torsten spun around and left the room. Norma inhaled a deep breath before trailing after him. We have to deal with the matters at hand first.

When night fell, Norma and Torsten went to meet with the buyer.

After a few glasses of alcohol down their throats, Norma gazed at the woman sitting in front of her with a sincere look. “It’s our mistake for the mixed up this time. We’ll send the finest goods as soon as possible.”

The woman had received a call from her boss before the meeting with Norma and Torsten, so she knew now was not the time to cause a fallout with them. After all, they still needed the stock from Norma and Torsten.

Hence, the woman readily accepted Norma’s apologies.

“I’ll let the mistake slide for this time, but if the same mishap happens again, don’t blame me for cutting off ties and turning against you,” the woman warned chillingly.

Even though Norma was not pleased with the woman’s warning, she kept her displeasure in check, for the woman in front of her was their biggest client. Norma could not offend her.

“I assure you there won’t be a next time,” Norma promised sincerely, despite the displeasure simmering beneath.

Several more apologies from Norma and Torsten later, their blunder was water under the bridge. They sent the woman off after reaching an agreement.

“Are we going back now?” Norma asked after the woman left.

“Let’s go back tomorrow. I have to return home for a while.” Catching the change in Norma’s expression at his statement, Torsten wrapped his arm around her waist. “Felix is back. He wants me to go back for dinner. I promise you we’ll go back tomorrow morning, all right?”

Even though Norma was not happy with his decision, she knew she could not stop him from meeting his family. She hated she could not have her own child and could only watch others have a family of their own in this lifetime.

“I’ll wait for you at the hotel.”

Norma then turned on her heels and went back into the hotel. However, the minute she turned her back to Torsten, tears filled her eyes and slid down her cheeks onto the ground as the wind blew.

However, Torsten was oblivious to Norma’s feelings. He took a cab and went back home to his wife and child.


Seeing Torsten’s return, a boy around five to six years old came running toward Torsten. Opening his arms, Torsten carried the boy. “Frank, did you miss me?”

“I missed you!” Frank shouted before kissing Torsten’s cheek.

Torsten’s wife smiled gently as she watched the heartwarming scene.

“I just finished work, Frank. Let me catch a breath.” Torsten set Frank on the ground.

Torsten had a heartwarming dinner with his family. When he slept on the bed that night, he circled his arms around his wife. With a kiss on her forehead, he said, “Thank you for taking care of the family.”

Torsten’s wife buried her face in his chest with a satisfied smile. She did not feel tired of taking care of her husband and children at all.

Meanwhile, back at the laboratory, Arielle jolted upright after receiving a text message from Vinson. He’s here! He’s here to find me!

Quickly changing her clothes, she took the items she stole from Torsten and stealthily snuck out of the center.

“Dr. Moore, where are you going?” A voice came from behind Arielle, which caused the woman to stiffen. I’ve been caught!

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