A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1718

Chapter 1718 Not An Accident

Where should I hide? Arielle searched through the dark for a hiding spot. “Why did the surveillance cameras malfunction all of a sudden? It had been years since the last incident.”

The footsteps were approaching closer and closer to the laboratory, which caused Arielle to clench her fists. At the very last minute before they stepped into the laboratory, Arielle dashed for cover underneath a piece of machinery. The white sheet draped over the machinery conveniently hid her body as she held still with bated breath.

“Can’t we inspect it tomorrow? Professor Hoffmeister is way too cautious. All personnel here are our people. No thief could’ve snuck in,” the man complained as he hit the light switch. When the lights flickered on, he crossed the room and stopped in front of the machinery. Lifting his head, he looked at the surveillance camera hanging from above.

“Stand on the machinery to get a closer look. What can you even see from here?” Arielle was familiar with that voice—it was Morse.

At Morse’s advice, the grumbling man had no choice but to climb on top of the machinery to inspect the surveillance camera.

“It doesn’t seem damaged. What’s the problem then?” the man mumbled after a round of inspection.

“Let’s check the rest of the cameras,” Morse suggested. Something feels weird. Why did all the surveillance cameras malfunction all of a sudden? It’s best to remain vigilant.

Morse was Torsten’s right-hand man, so he dared not to offend Morse. Naturally, he obeyed Morse’s demand to check the other surveillance cameras. However, his grip slipped when he climbed down from the machinery, and he toppled to the floor.

“Are you all right?” Morse asked with a frown upon seeing the man falling from the machinery. The man was about to reply that he was fine when he met Arielle’s gaze. His jaw dropped from shock. Before he could inform Morse, he fainted. Following that, Morse also slumped to the ground unconscious with a loud thud.

Just then, Arielle crawled out from underneath the machinery. She slid a glance at the two men lying flat on the ground. Initially, she wanted to kill them. However, after giving it some thought, she whirled around and left the room.

Though they have hurt the lives of innocents, I’ll leave it to the law to punish them for their wrongdoings.

Returning to her room, she took off her clothes, shoes, cap, and face mask. After getting rid of them, she changed into a new set of clothing before she sneaked out again. The next time she came back, she got rid of the shoes again before crashing onto the bed and closing her eyes.

I have to rest well, so I can deal with whatever is coming my way.

As dawn arrived the next day, the two men in the laboratory slowly opened their eyes.

“Why am I sleeping here?” the man mumbled. Suddenly remembering the event of the day before, he urgently looked over at Morse. “Morse, I saw someone hiding underneath the machine. That person—”

I couldn’t see that person’s face. I don’t even know their gender.

Morse got up from the ground with a darkened expression. It looks like the surveillance cameras malfunctioning isn’t accidental.

Reaching for his phone in his pocket, he dialed a number.

“Professor Hoffmeister, I suspect the malfunctioning of surveillance cameras isn’t accidental…” Morse told Torsten about his suspicion.

Anxiety flared in Torsten at the news.

“Check the laboratory. See if the intruder had taken anything.” Heeding Torsten’s words, Morse walked around the room and checked around.

“Nothing is missing. Everything is in its rightful position.” Morse frequently came to the laboratory, so he knew the placement of every item there like the back of his hand.

Despite Morse’s reassurance, Torsten was still worried.

“Go and investigate who had entered the laboratory. I’ll head over once I’m finished with my work here.” With that, Torsten hung up the call.

Meanwhile, Norma caught the frown on Torsten’s face and reached for his hand. “Did something happen?”

Torsten told Norma about the surveillance cameras’ malfunction and an intruder sneaking into the laboratory. Norma was his partner and lover. She knew everything about him and his problem.

“What? Then…”

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