A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1717

Chapter 1717 Evidence

The next day, Torsten suddenly left the research center for an unknown reason. To Arielle, that was excellent news. That way, the lives and safety of the four children could be guaranteed for a day. At that moment, she would try her best to postpone the experiment as long as she could, even if it meant only a day.

In the afternoon, Norma carried Bella’s son to Arielle’s dorm, saying that she had some errands to run.

Why is everyone going out today? What is happening?

Even though Arielle was curious, she did not show it as she quickly took the child from Norma’s hand. With a sunken expression, Norma turned to leave. As she kept her eyes on Norma’s back, Arielle’s eyes darkened.

Without the ability to take care of the four children on her own, she requested Morse to help her take care of them. Needless to say, Morse was overjoyed at her request.

By nighttime, the children were exhausted from playing the entire day. It took them no time at all to fall asleep. Arielle drafted a text for Vinson to inform him of everything that was happening, asking him to send some reinforcements just in case.

Before she could send out the text, a knock came on her door.

She was greeted by Morse when she opened the door. There was a blue file in his hands.

“Here. For you. Try to finish reading it by tonight,” Morse whispered.

Staring at the file in his hands, Arielle widened her eyes in pleasant surprise. “Is this…”

Morse nodded and shoved the file into her hands. “Try to finish reading it as soon as possible,” he reminded before turning around and hurrying away. His heartbeat felt abnormal whenever he saw her. Hence, he decided it was best not to see her.

Staring at Morse as he left, Arielle quickly closed the door and took the file to her table. The moment she sat down, she opened up the file and began going through the data.

The more she read, the darker her gaze got. The audacity they have…

After two hours, Arielle whipped out her phone once again and added to the message she had drafted for Vinson.

At that moment, Arielle was livid.

They had been experimenting on a genetic drug that could alter the physique of a person. However, from the recorded data that Morse had sent her, Arielle discovered that they had always been using live humans as subjects. Once again, she thought about the ten young women. At the thought of them being treated as lab rats and subjected to a painful fate, Arielle was consumed by wrath.

I have to stop them! They cannot continue with the experiments!

Bearing that thought in mind, Arielle took out her laptop and hacked into the network of the research center to switch off all the security cameras. Afterward, she took out the silver-plated needles and tapped the sleep acupuncture point of all four children before taking out a packet of formula from her bag. Quietly, she opened her door and sneaked out.

Even though the security cameras had been switched off, there were still people guarding the area. Making sure she was hidden from those people, she crept into the laboratory like a ghost in the night.

There were more than ten security cameras that covered every inch of the laboratory. Because of that, the laboratory door was never locked. With a gentle pull, the door opened immediately. Before she arrived at the laboratory, Arielle had already known the position of the safe. Once the door opened, she headed straight for the safe. With a few swift movements of her fingers, the door of the safe opened.

Inside the safe were only two leather envelopes. Arielle took out the first envelope and opened it up. Inside the envelope, she found a signed contract between Nancy and Torsten, documents on the data of the experiment, and a flash drive.

Clearly stated on the contract was Nancy being the sponsor of the money and resources that they needed for the experiment, while Professor Hoffmeister had to let her subordinates use the genetic drug unconditionally once the drug was successfully created.

Arielle’s gaze darkened as she stared at the evidence in her hands. She then opened the second envelope.

Upon reading the contents of the envelope, Arielle was beyond shocked. It was a document on trafficking human organs! Are they crazy? They sell organs too?

All of a sudden, a series of footsteps sounded from outside the door. Cursing softly to herself, she quickly tucked the two documents and the flash drive into her arms before locking the safe.

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