A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1716

Chapter 1716 Burned

Upon hearing Arielle calling him, Morse froze and uttered a stiff sound in response. “Morse, are you close to Professor Hoffmeister and Norma?” Arielle did not beat around the bush.

During the time she was there, she noticed that while Morse was very well-versed in medicine, he was lacking in interpersonal and social skills. That made him an easy target for her to ask questions.

Morse did not understand why Arielle had asked that question, but he still nodded. He had been following Torsten and Norma for ten years. I suppose that makes me close to them.

“What experiments did they conduct?” Arielle narrowed her eyes as she kept her voice casual. “I’m a bit curious about the experiments they have done. Since I’m interested in being a part of it, I would like to have some knowledge beforehand.”

Morse nodded. From the book he had just read, he could understand Arielle’s curiosity about the experiment.

“Last year, they did Experiment X and used nearly ten experimental subjects. However, it was declared a failure in the end. This time, we’ll be carrying out Experiment SX. It’s an upgraded version. After comparing the data of the failed experiments in the past, we will be using children as experimental subjects this time. I believe Professor Hoffmeister will succeed this time.” Passion was burning behind Morse’s eyes as he talked about the experiment. “I’ll speak to Professor Hoffmeister about you so you can participate.”

Arielle did not pay much attention to Morse’s last sentence. She was still hung up on the ten experimental subjects they had used in the previous year.

“W-What happened to those failed experiments? How did you deal with them?”

“Burned, of course!” Morse answered without hesitation as he looked Arielle straight in the eye. “They’re all dead people. How else were we supposed to deal with them?”

Arielle’s heart ached as she shivered slightly. Burned!

“Where did the experimental subjects come from? How old were they? Which procedure was not done which caused the experiment to fail?” Arielle asked in a low voice as she suppressed the fury in her heart.

Morse shook his head. He had no idea where the subjects had come from either.

“I heard from Professor Hoffmeister that someone sent them over. I have no idea about the other party as well. They were young ladies about the age of twenty. As for which procedure was not done, I’m not too sure either. I had fallen sick at that time, so I didn’t participate in the experiment.” Morse scratched his head. “But if you wish to understand more about it, I can bring you the data of the previous experiment,” Morse added in a whisper.

At that, Arielle’s eyes lit up. “You can get your hands on the data?”

Morse’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the excitement written on Arielle’s face. Lowering his head to avert her gaze, he nodded. “I can sneak it to you. After you finished reading it, you can give it back to me and I’ll return it to its original spot.”

“In that case, never mind.” Arielle shook her head. Puzzled, Morse lifted his head to look at her. Isn’t she excited to read it? Why did she refuse my offer if she wants it so bad?

Knowing what Morse was thinking about, Arielle sighed. “I’m afraid Professor Hoffmeister will find out. What if he targets you once he finds out?”

Morse’s heart swelled up with joy when he heard that Arielle was concerned for him. Even though he could not understand why he was feeling that way, he enjoyed being cared for by Arielle.

“Just wait here!” With that said, Morse got up and left. As Arielle stared at his silhouette, her gaze darkened.

She had used Morse on purpose. As of then, she could not get to the core of the experiment, nor could she find evidence of Nancy’s crimes. Without another choice, she could only use someone as naïve as Morse.

At the thought of them killing ten young women within a year, Arielle was furious. Her eyes turned cold. How could they be so casual with human lives? Arielle’s eyes then darkened when she thought about the ten innocent young women. She vowed to find out where they came from and avenge every single one of them.

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