A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715 Justice

As the needle pricked his tender skin, the child immediately cried in pain. Upon hearing his cries, Norma thought he was hungry and could not wait to drink milk any longer. Hence, she quickly sped up the process of sanitizing the baby bottle and prepared the formula.

On the other end, Arielle gently stroked the child’s head as she watched him cry. With that few needles, she had altered his physical condition so that he could not be experimented on for the time being.

When the milk was ready, Norma headed over immediately. Hearing her footsteps, Arielle swiftly plucked out the silver-plated needles from the child’s body and hid them away.

“He must be starving.” Once Norma handed the baby bottle to the child, he immediately cradled the bottle and downed the bottle in huge gulps. He looked incredibly innocent and adorable.

Mixed emotions swelled up in Arielle’s heart as she watched the child. How could they find it in their hearts to conduct experiments on such an adorable child?

“Adorable.” Arielle pinched the child’s cheek gently before turning to look at Norma. When she saw the smile on Norma’s face, Arielle felt her heart flutter. “You look like you love kids, too.”

Norma shook her head. “I don’t like kids, but I like this one. Adorable and obedient.”

“Looks like he has won over your heart at such a young age. Can you still bring yourself to experiment on him?” Arielle stated in a feigned light-heartedness. Upon hearing her question, however, Norma felt her smile going stiff.

She truly was starting to think that she could not bring herself to conduct experiments on that kid. Norma rubbed her temples. I might have spent too much time and effort on this kid.

Just as that thought appeared in her head, the child suddenly leaned into her embrace, melting her heart instantly.

Seeing that, Arielle narrowed her eyes slightly. “Looks like the kid has gotten attached to you as well. He seems to like you.”

Norma remained silent. Secretly, she agreed with what Arielle had said. Staring at the child in her arms, Norma could not help but think about the consequences of the experiment. If it fails, then this child will be gone…

Her heart began to ache as she considered the possibility.

She did not want that child to lose his life.

“We have to be very careful in this experiment. Success is the only option. It must not fail,” she muttered in a deep voice.

Arielle’s heart sank. She had already tried to sway Norma, but in the end, she still could not spark Norma’s sympathy. Norma still wanted to conduct an experiment on the kid.

Arielle had to work faster and give Norma the skincare products. That way, Norma would lower her guard around Arielle and might reveal more information to her.

Even before she had gone there, Arielle had already uncovered the location through the hiring advertisement they had posted. However, she could not act recklessly. She needed to dig up all the evidence of the crimes Nancy had committed so that justice would be served.

After leaving Norma’s place, Arielle returned to the dorm. At that moment, Morse was reading a book. When he saw Arielle opening the door, he quickly put the book down.

“You’re back.” Morse was feeling a little panicked and shy.

That was the first time he had stayed in Arielle’s dorm for this long. Her laundry was hanging on the balcony. Morse did not even dare to turn his gaze in that direction. Arielle’s figure kept appearing in his mind when he sat there in her dorm. Thus, Morse tried to find something to distract him. At the sight of the book on medicine on the table, he picked it up and sat down to read it. As expected, the moment he started reading, he stopped thinking about Arielle.

“Thanks for your help. Did the children wake up?” Arielle smiled. Morse shook his head in response. The children had been asleep ever since he entered the room and had not woken up since. From the looks of it, they were most likely in a deep sleep.

Arielle wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. However, she still had not been able to get to the core of the experiment. As a thought emerged in her mind, she quickly turned her attention to Morse. “Morse…” she called.

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