A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1714

Chapter 1714 Eye Opener

As she followed Norma into the laboratory, Arielle was greeted by the sight of Torsten frowning at the kid. Does that mean… Before she could allow herself to relax, Torsten began to speak. “Even though there are still two criteria that he hasn’t fulfilled, it’s not impossible to run the experiment on him now if we want to.”

Arielle’s heart immediately sank to the bottom of the ocean. What is he saying? Does that mean that he’s preparing to do the experiment now?

“Didn’t you say that this is the most perfect experimental subject? Why are you in such a hurry to carry out the experiment? The kid is in our hands. He’s not going anywhere. Why can’t we wait till he fulfills all the criteria before we conduct the experiment?” Norma immediately bombarded Torsten with questions. In her point of view, an experiment was extremely important. Everything must be perfect before an experiment was conducted.

What if the conclusion of the experiment deviates from our inference because of the unmet criteria? Norma would not allow any mistakes to occur.

As the two of them had been partners for a while, Torsten was fully aware of Norma’s character. He knew that she would always strive for perfection. Hence, he was not angered by her questions.

“I just said that the experiment can be conducted. I didn’t say that we have to do it now.” Torsten tossed Norma an exasperated look. He was also someone who would settle for nothing less than perfection when it came to medical skills.

The corners of Norma’s lips lifted as she heard what he had said.

At the sight of Arielle standing beside her, Norma quickly recalled the reason they had gone to the laboratory and asked Torsten on Arielle’s behalf, “Dr. Moore thought you would be starting the experiment today and wanted to join. What do you think?”

Upon hearing that, Torsten tossed a glance at Arielle. He had yet to figure Arielle out in those few days. No one knows Arielle’s background. It feels a bit too early for her to join in the experiment.

Naturally, Torsten did not voice out his thoughts in front of Arielle. After all, they had announced that they were looking for people to participate in the experiment when they were hiring.

With a sunken expression, Torsten remained silent, which made Arielle’s heart sink. She knew what his silence indicated. If this is the case, I won’t be able to understand their experiment.

Norma knew Torsten was a cautious person. However, according to her observations, she believed Arielle to be a trustworthy person. She could tell that Arielle was extremely interested in their experiment, as she had always been reading books related to the experiment.

“She’s very interested in the experiment. Whenever she has time, she will always read books related to the subject. If you don’t want her to participate in the experiment, that’s fine too. Just let her stand and watch at the side. The experiment can be an eye-opener for her. How about that?” Norma raised an eyebrow at Torsten.

Norma was looking forward to receiving the skincare products customized for her by Arielle’s grandmother, so she had to curry favor with Arielle. Even though it was not necessary for her to do so to obtain the products, Norma believed that Arielle would be immensely grateful for her help. That way, Arielle would always remember her whenever there was something good to share.

Staring at Norma for a while, Torsten finally nodded in agreement.

“Then we’ll let her stay here and watch the experiment as an eye-opener.”

Norma was overjoyed when Torsten agreed, while Arielle was relieved. She could finally enter the laboratory whenever she pleased.

All of a sudden, the child in the cradle burst into tears.

Norma had been taking care of that child during that time. Upon hearing the child cry, she instinctively walked forward and picked him up. “He might be hungry. I’ll get him some milk.”

“I’ll go with you!” With that said, Arielle followed Norma back to Norma’s place. That was the first time Arielle had gone to where Norma was staying, and the latter’s room was slightly bigger than her own.

After gently placing the child down, Norma began to wash the baby bottle and got out the milk formula. As Norma was preparing the milk, Arielle took advantage of the few minutes to take out her hidden silver-plated needles and swiftly pricked a few on the child’s body.

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