A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713 Worry

Why is he bringing the kid away so soon? Didn’t the kid just recover? Arielle was extremely worried. She wanted to follow them, but that would mean leaving the three children in her dorm unattended.

As she stared at the children asleep on the bed, her eyes darkened slightly. Her priority at that moment was to make sure Bella’s son was all right. She would have to compromise.

From her pouch, Arielle took out a set of silver-plated needles and pricked an acupuncture point on the children. Immediately, the already sleeping children fell into a deeper sleep. She had tapped into the sleep acupuncture point; it would bring no harm to the children.

After covering up the three children, Arielle hid the silver-plated needles on her body and hurried to the laboratory.

“Dr. Moore.” Morse had just sent the child to Torsten when he saw Arielle, and his eyes lit up in surprise. “What are you doing here? Where are those three experimental subjects?”

Upon hearing the children being referred to as experimental subjects by Morse, Arielle felt a sense of discomfort in her heart, but she remained silent. She knew that the three children really were mere experimental subjects in their eyes.

“Did Professor Hoffmeister ask you to bring the kid over because they’re preparing to run the experiment?” Even though Arielle was panicking, she forced herself to maintain a calm expression.

“He’s going to give the kid a physical check-up first to see if he fulfills the criteria of the experiment.” Morse mistakenly thought that Arielle wanted to participate in the experiment. “If he fulfills the criteria, the experiment will commence. If you want to participate, you can go ask Professor Hoffmeister now to see if he agrees for you to be a part of it.”

Upon hearing that the kid would have to go through a physical examination first, Arielle secretly breathed out a sigh of relief. She then flashed Morse a smile. “Thank you for telling me this.” After a pause, she continued, “I’ll go ask Professor Hoffmeister about it now. Can you help me take care of the three kids for a while?”

Morse nodded fervently, glad to be able to help Arielle.

Seeing that Morse had agreed to it, Arielle headed straight for the laboratory to look for Torsten.

Just as she reached the door, she bumped into Norma.

“Dr. Moore, when are the skincare products arriving?” Norma was beginning to feel anxious. For the past few days, she had been overwhelmed with work. She was beginning to feel the condition of her skin worsening.

Arielle had left Norma hanging on purpose. If she handed Norma the products so soon, it would seem as though the products were not worth a lot. She wanted Norma to know that quality took time.

“The products are customized according to your skin type. They are not going to be done in such a short time.” Arielle frowned slightly. With a troubled expression, she offered, “If you’re concerned, why don’t you buy a set of skincare products on the market first? I’ll try to ask Grandma to speed up the process for you.”

Norma felt a little dejected upon hearing Arielle’s words. She had already gotten skincare products from the market. However, she still thought that the skincare products made by Arielle’s grandmother had a better effect.

“You don’t have to pressure her,” Norma said as she ran her hand through her hair. I’ll be using those products on my face. If the process is sped up, the effects might not be as good. I’ll just have to be patient. Quality takes time. Maybe the effects of the products will be better on my skin because of the longer time taken to prepare the products.

With that being said, she looked at Arielle again. “Aren’t you looking after the three experimental subjects? What are you doing here?”

“I heard from Morse that Professor Hoffmeister wanted to run a physical examination on that experimental subject. If he fulfills the criteria, the experiment will commence. I’m here to ask Professor Hoffmeister if I can be a part of the experiment,” Arielle explained her intentions plainly.

With a nod, Norma brought Arielle to the laboratory. If Torsten disagreed, Norma decided to help Arielle to win a little favor by complimenting her for the sake of the skincare products.

As they approached the laboratory, the worry in Arielle’s heart began to grow. What if the child fulfills all the criteria of the experiment?

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