A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712 Words Of Men Cannot Be Trusted

“Follow General Matthew?” Monisha asked, puzzled. Nancy nodded. “He hesitated when choosing between Aaron and me. Even though he has promised to help me now, who knows if he has actually chosen Aaron instead?” She paused for a moment before continuing, “Besides, words of men cannot be trusted!”

With that, Monisha did what she was told. The news of Matthew exiting the study quickly reached Aaron’s ears. A cold aura surrounded his body as his gaze turned icy.

“How long was he inside?” “Over two hours. When he came out, General Matthew’s hair was wet. It seemed as though he had taken a shower.”

“Got it. Continue keeping your eyes on them!”

About half an hour after he hung up, Matthew called and asked for him.

Without wasting a second, Aaron went to Matthew’s office.

“Your Majesty!” Matthew greeted at the sight of Aaron, bowing respectfully.

Even though the man standing in front of him was his future son-in-law, he was also Turlen’s king. Hence, Matthew should still treat Aaron accordingly, even as his future father-in-law.

“You wanted to see me?” Aaron asked casually.

“Gerrard. If you have enough proof, make your move as soon as possible,” said Matthew while lowering his voice. “Nothing might happen even if you give it time.”

Aaron immediately sat up straight and scrutinized Matthew with a sharp gaze. What does he mean by this?

“The queen mother is extremely unpleased by your decision to rebel against her. If you want to defeat her and take away the power she wields, I would advise you to stop wasting time.”

Aaron could not describe what he was feeling at that moment. He had thought that Matthew would be on Nancy’s side. Never would he expect Matthew to treat Nancy like a stranger once he had had his time with her and asked to see him so that he could deal with Gerrard as soon as possible.

“If you do not wish Nico and her mother to be upset, I would advise you to break off that relationship.” In view that Matthew had given him a warning, Aaron left after saying that.

Matthew’s body went stiff. He had thought that no one knew about him and Nancy. As it turned out, Aaron knew. In that instant, Matthew felt immense shame and guilt. How will Aaron view me now? His future father-in-law and his grandmother…

After he spent another half an hour in the office, Matthew began dragging his feet to the Nighy residence.

Ever since Nico and Melissa had gone to Melissa’s hometown, he had never gone back to the Nighy residence once. Every day without fail, Melissa would call him out of care, yet he had been cutting those calls short because he was with Nancy.

At that thought, Matthew called for a chauffeur. After changing his clothes and packing a few days’ worth of clothing, he went to see Melissa.

In the palace, Monisha reported Matthew’s actions to Nancy, causing the latter to smash a few cups out of fury.

“What is this? Has he regretted it? Is he feeling guilty? Or is he finally feeling sorry for that woman?” Nancy balled her two hands into tight fists. Despite the fact that she did not love Matthew, she still did not want a man whose eyes were on her only to go and flatter another woman.

You want to dump me, Matthew? It’s not that easy! Nancy’s eyes darkened.

On the other side, Melissa could not believe her eyes when she saw Matthew.

“What are you doing here?” Melissa was beyond overjoyed at Matthew’s surprise visit.

“It’s obviously because he misses his wife.” Nico winked at Matthew. “Right, Father?”

“Of course!” Matthew’s heart ached when he saw that Melissa had lost some weight. Completely ignoring his daughter’s presence, he stepped forward and held Melissa’s hand before asking endless questions about her well-being, causing Melissa to blush furiously.

Meanwhile, at the research center, Arielle was beginning to get anxious upon seeing Morse bringing Bella’s son into the laboratory.

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