A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1711

Chapter 1711 Liking Her

“Matthew. I’m not going to give up my power. Between Aaron and me, you’re going to have to choose who to be loyal to.” Biting her lip, Nancy got out of Matthew’s embrace.

A forlorn look appeared in Matthew’s eyes at Nancy’s ultimatum. He did like Nancy, but Aaron was going to be Nico’s future husband and his future son-in-law. Picking either side would seem like the wrong choice.

“Nancy…” Matthew looked at her. “Your grandson is not young anymore. Is it so bad to lie back and enjoy your days as the queen mother?”

Upon hearing his answer, Nancy turned away and walked straight toward the window. “Leave. From now on, we shall go our separate ways.”

Nancy had summoned Matthew to the study because she wanted him to choose between her and Aaron. Since he had picked Aaron, the two of them could only be enemies from then on. However, she was undoubtedly indignant about the outcome. To get Matthew onto her side, she had even entrusted her body to him. Yet, in the end, he had chosen Aaron.

Regardless, there was no one Nancy could blame except herself. She was reaping what she had sown. If she had not insisted on Nico’s and Aaron’s engagement to win Matthew’s favor, perhaps Matthew would stand on her side full-heartedly. Unfortunately, she had miscalculated. Her actions had only pushed him further from her.


There was a shift in Matthew’s expression. He had not expected Nancy to be this ruthless as to ask him to leave without hesitation—both physically and in her life. Matthew could not accept such an outcome. If it were in the past—when they had not spent so much time with each other—perhaps Matthew would not mind. However, the two of them had spent a few days like husband and wife. Even though it had only been a few days, Matthew was troubled by the thought of Nancy kicking him out.

“Are you sure you want me to leave and for us to go our separate ways?” With that said, Matthew turned to leave without waiting for a response from Nancy.

Nancy had originally planned to guilt-trip Matthew. Seeing that he was really about to leave, she was filled with rage.

With a few huge strides, Nancy caught up to him and hugged him from behind. “You’re bullying me!”

Nancy had taken care of her figure very well. Even though she was almost sixty, she looked like a forty-year-old. Her actions made Matthew’s heart melt instantly.

He was a fool for liking her!

“How can I be willing to bully you? I can’t even love you enough,” Matthew declared seriously as he held her hand.

Seeing that Matthew was serious, Nancy told him seriously, “Matthew, I’m not joking. If you pick Aaron out of the two of us, we’ll have no other choice but to split up.”

A faint scowl appeared on Matthew’s face. He was hesitant to lose either of them.

He really did like Nancy, but he also wanted his future son-in-law to secure the throne and his role as king.

Since Nancy asks me to choose, I guess I’ll just choose. As long as she’s happy.

Matthew whispered something in Nancy’s ear. Immediately, Nancy’s face lit up as she broke into a huge smile. The years had been kind to her. Age did not leave many of its marks on her face.

Soon, the study echoed sounds that would make one blush.

Afterward, while being snuggled up in his arms, Nancy told Matthew what Aaron had done to her.

“Find a way to get Gerrard.” Even though she trusted Matthew, she was worried that he might cave and reveal everything.

“Okay. Wait for my message.” After agreeing, Matthew got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he got out, he planted a kiss on Nancy’s head before leaving.

As Nancy fixed her gaze on Matthew’s diminishing silhouette, her eyes flickered.

“You better not disappoint me, Matthew!”

If he had other intentions, it would not matter who he was. She would not hesitate to kill anyone who dared to stand in her way.

Nancy then asked for Monisha and gave her an order in a deep voice. “Monisha, get someone to follow him!”

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