A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1710

Chapter 1710 On Purpose

Outside the palace, Aaron’s lips curled into a smirk when he heard the report by the palace servant. He had done it on purpose. He had intentionally made her mad so he could see the lengths she was willing to go to.

“Aaron, getting on her nerves like that…” Bernd glanced over at Aaron, concerned. Nancy was no goody-two-shoes. No one could predict what tricks would pull if she was enraged.

Aaron narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “I got on her nerves on purpose. I want to see what her next move will be.”

His eyes turned cold when he thought about his father’s fate. He could not sit idly and do nothing. He had to take the initiative to strike.

He still had to protect his mother and take care of Arielle on behalf of his father. Furthermore, he had to lead the people of Turlen into a brighter and more glorious age.

Seeing that Aaron had a plan, Bernd let out a breath of relief.

“How are your legs?” Aaron turned his gaze to Bernd’s legs. At the mention of his legs, Bernd grinned. “I can walk on my own now.”

As his words fell, he tossed Aaron a grateful look. “I want to thank you for all of this. If it weren’t for you—”

“There’s no need to thank me,” Aaron cut Bernd off in mid-sentence. “We’re friends. Also, keep a close eye on your side.”

Acknowledging the change of topic, Bernd nodded with a serious expression.

Truth be told, Aaron was feeling a little guilty that he did not make a couple of good friends in the past. In times of need, like at that moment, there was no one else he could reach out to for help. Without another choice, he could only entrust the things he could not keep his eyes on to Bernd, even though the latter’s legs were only beginning to heal.

Perhaps Bernd could hear his thoughts. Just as Aaron lamented in secret, Bernd opened his mouth and began telling Aaron that he would introduce a few people whom he believed could be of some help. Bernd’s mention of the topic took Aaron aback.

“Let them help you with your tasks. Perhaps in the future—”

Before Aaron could finish his sentence, Bernd nodded understandingly, knowing what Aaron was talking about.

In the meantime, Nancy dialed Matthew’s number the moment she returned to the study.

By the time Matthew entered the study, Monisha had long sent the palace servants away.

When Nancy saw Matthew, her tears began rolling down her cheeks before she could even speak, which caused his heart to ache.

He quickly strode forward and held her in his arms. “Why are you crying? Who made you angry?”

“Matthew, Aaron thinks he’s all grown up. He dares disobey me now,” Nancy whined pitifully.

Ah. Someone got into a fight with His Majesty.

“Only a few will still be fully obedient when they’ve grown up. Plus, he has been crowned king now—”

“So what if he has been crowned king? Does that give him the right to not listen to me?” Nancy interrupted. If it weren’t for me, who knows how long it’d take for him to take his place on the throne? Yet, now that he is king, he has the audacity to treat me like this. D*mn it!

“Nancy, he is the king. You must know that with each new ruler comes a new age. Why do you need to go against him?”

Matthew was actually quite impressed by Aaron’s character and skills. Before he had gone to the study, he had already learned that Aaron had arrested Nancy’s secretary.

From his perspective, Matthew was quite glad that Aaron had the brains and the skills to be a good king. However, at the sight of the weeping woman in his arms, he could not help but frown. She seems to care a bit too much about power and authority.

“Nancy, from now on, you should just be a good queen mother and enjoy your retirement. Leave the matters of the kingdom to His Majesty,” Matthew advised in a deep voice while patting her hand gently.

When Nancy heard what he said, her expression darkened immediately. Why did I put so much effort into pulling him onto my side? How dare he ask me to retire to be a queen mother and leave Aaron with all the power? Is his future son-in-law more important to him than me?

Nancy clenched her fists. What if… Don’t say that I’m cruel.

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