A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709 Trembling In Anger

Monisha, too, did not see this coming. Aaron spoke to her rudely, and he hung up on her without giving her the chance to speak. She was left dumbfounded on the spot, but she could not redial his number right before the queen mother. Hence, the only choice given to her was to tell the queen mother the truth.

“Your Majesty, what do we do now? Gerrard knows too much.” Monisha narrowed her eyes frustratedly. “He wouldn’t dare to say anything,” Nancy replied in a chilling tone. She was confident that Gerrard would not rat them out as he knew what he should and shouldn’t do.

She decided she would still try to set Gerrard free as she spoke. He was her right-hand man, after all. If she did nothing after the king captured him, people would no longer feel safe when serving her. Upon this thought, she hurriedly sent Monisha to obtain more news regarding the secretary.

About half an hour later, Monisha returned with the information she had acquired. Upon receiving the report, Nancy immediately headed to the prison with Monisha.

As a leader, she could not do anything that would break the heart of her followers. Therefore, she had to rescue Gerrard at any cost.

Upon arriving at the prison and acquiring Gerrard’s cell location, Nancy immediately headed to her destination, only to find Carlos safeguarding the cell.

“Your Majesty,” Carlos greeted as he bowed.

“Release Gerrard immediately,” Nancy ordered sternly upon seeing Carlos.

Carlos, however, shook his head.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”


Nancy had never expected Carlos to disobey her order, and that angered her greatly.

“Who do you think you are? Obey the order you received and release that man!” Monisha sneered as she pointed her finger at Carlos.

Carlos, however, stared right back into Monisha’s eyes. He wondered who gave a mere servant with no official position the guts to talk to him, an official high-ranked military officer, in such a disrespectful manner.

“Don’t blame me for being cold-hearted if you dare to point your finger at me again!” Carlos threatened her coldly, and the intimidated Monisha quickly retracted her hand. Her heart thumped fast as well as she finally learned that this man was no ordinary person she could bully.

“Carlos, she’s my subordinate, you—”

Before the queen mother could finish talking, she was immediately interrupted by Carlos, who said, “If she’s your servant, then Your Majesty should educate her properly. She must be educated that pointing at someone is very rude.”

Nancy was furious that someone talked to her like that.

As much as she wanted to storm off, she still forced herself to calm down upon thinking of Gerrard. “Carlos, I’d like to talk to Gerrard.”

Carlos, however, turned her down and replied seriously, “His Majesty said none is allowed to see him.”

Angered by what Carlos said, Nancy sternly reprimanded, “Carlos, I’m the queen mother.”

“I’m sorry, but this is His Majesty’s order. I am told that no one is allowed to see him, including you, Your Majesty. Please don’t make it difficult for me.”

The queen mother glared at him and left right after that.

Instead of meeting with Gerrard, she left with anger burning strong in her.

For this reason, Carlos had attracted her attention. She swore that if she had the chance, she would remove Carlos from his position, for he was the one that offended her by using the king’s order as an excuse. After all, no one in Turlen was brave enough to offend her. The only exceptions were Carlos and Aaron.

The more she thought of it, the angrier she got. As a result, instead of heading back, she decided to head to Dylan’s residence to visit Aaron. Yet, as if he had anticipated this, Aaron was already long gone from the palace, turning Nancy’s trip to his place in vain. This incident had her tremble in immense anger. This was also the first time she felt so angry after so many years.

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