A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1708

Chapter 1708 None Is Allowed To See Him

“Y-Your Majesty…” Gerrard stuttered upon Aaron’s appearance. He was Nancy’s secretary, and given the intense conflict of power between the king and the queen mother, there was no way he would be saved. At least not when he was now within the king’s control.

Gerrard was overwhelmed by panic immediately. “I can see that you’re pretty smart. I mean, abusing and trafficking drugs? I’m sure you’re very well aware that your actions are against the law.” With his eyes narrowed, and a smirk on his face, he locked his vision on Gerrard.

As soon as this was mentioned, Gerrard’s heart tightened for a split second, for he knew that the king would not let it pass easily this time.

“I’ve been framed!” Gerrard stared at Aaron angrily. He did not take any drugs, and he definitely would not sell drugs. These were all made up by them. None of them were the truth.

Yet, he had no ways and means to prove his innocence.

Where’s Her Majesty? Why is she not here? Did she give up on me? No, no! The queen mother will never give up on me. Maybe word has yet to reach her. She would immediately try to set me free if she received the news.

The thought had Gerrard’s worried heart calmed down. As the queen mother’s subordinate and without the involvement in actual drug abuse and drug trafficking, they would not be brave enough to punish him without solid evidence.

“Do you expect us to believe you were set up just because you said so?” With his eyes narrowed, Aaron grinned. “Don’t even think about being saved by someone because no one will be able to save you. You’re the only one who can save yourself.”

Gerrard, however, believed not a single word from Aaron. He was confident that Nancy would come to his rescue.

“Grandma has already received word about your arrest, and she did nothing. You may want to ask yourself, what does this represent?” Aaron glared at him and asked.

It means that she gave up on me. That was what came to Gerrard’s mind.

But he did not believe it, he believed not even a single word from Aaron.

“All right. Let me show you something.” Aaron then retrieved a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Gerrard. After looking at the content, Gerrard’s eyes immediately turned red.

He glared at Aaron. “This is a set up! You framed me!”

“Set up? Oh, no, no, no. These are all evidence.” Aaron smiled and continued talking while the secretary watched with horror in his eyes. “Apart from your mistress’ house, we also found some in your own house.”

“These are all nothing but your evil schemes! You framed me!” Gerrard was on the verge of breaking down but could not do so. Though greedy and perverted, he dared not get involved in any forms of drug abuse and drug trafficking. Not even for a single time.

His father alone was a drug addict. For this reason, Gerrard grew up hating any person who did drugs. Hence, he never wanted to be involved in anything related to drugs. He had never thought that one day, that one thing he hated the most would be the one that destroyed his life.

“Your Majesty, as the king of Turlen, you must act accordingly to the truth and facts…”

“But what I’m saying is the truth. You were caught red-handed by the police in the bar. Is this not true? The drugs were all dug out from your mistress and your wife’s place. Is this not true?” Aaron narrowed his eyes as he glared at Gerrard, but his tone was calm and relaxed. “Chances are for those who are prepared. Now, it’s up to you to decide.”

With that said, Aaron walked away while Carlos followed behind him.

“Keep an eye on him. None is allowed to see him, including the queen mother,” Aaron said as he locked his eyes on Carlos. “Can you do that?”

“Yes!” Carlos replied seriously. He decided that he would be on guard for twenty-four hours personally.

In the study, the queen mother slammed her hand onto the table angrily after hearing Monisha’s reply. “How dare he talk to me like that? Is he trying to usurp me? He thinks he can disobey my order because he is now the king of Turlen? How dare he!”

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