A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1707

Chapter 1707 Seeing Queen Mother

There are no movements at all! How could there be not a single word about the lost kid? He’s been lost for several days already! Vinson frowned.

Could he be a child left to live in a rural place? It can’t be. Even if he were a left-behind child, the adults in the household would inform the parents as soon as the child went missing. How is there nothing at all? That’s strange.

Harvey called just as Vinson was trying to obtain more information about the case. Through the call, Harvey told Vinson that Aaron’s men had arrested the queen mother’s secretary and thrown him in jail.

“What? For what reason? What about the queen mother?” Vinson was shocked, but Aaron’s action had also won his approval. Throwing the queen mother’s secretary in jail was the first thing Aaron did after getting out, and that was quite a move.

If Aaron continued to let Nancy have her ways against him, Aaron would be unfit as the king of Turlen. Unlike Vinson’s father-in-law, Dylan, Aaron was very different. Dylan’s imprisonment by the queen mother and Maureen’s death dashed all of Dylan’s hopes, allowing Nancy to erode his authority slowly. It was only until he learned the news from Arielle did Dylan start to fight back.

On the other hand, Aaron was the little prince of Turlen since he was young, which was also why he had a certain amount of men he trusted by his side. If Aaron did not do anything, Vinson would need to lower his evaluation of Aaron.

“Aaron arrested him for drug abuse and drug trafficking.”

Harvey smiled as he spoke. Some time ago, they had bribed the secretary’s mistress to have the goods on Nancy, but the secretary was very alert and careful.

He kept his mistress in the dark regarding any essential matters, which led to them thinking that this was a dead-end, but Aaron managed to pull it off with some bold actions. He figured it out in just a short period and executed his plans.

With the secretary imprisoned and interrogated by the men left behind by Dylan, Aaron was bound to gain something.

Vinson, too, raised a brow after learning about this, for Aaron’s moves had earned the approval from Vinson.

“If he keeps this up, Sannie would finally be able to leave in peace.” Though Arielle did not say anything, Vinson knew that only by throwing Nancy off the throne and returning all the power to Aaron would the lady leave this place peacefully.

Speaking of which, Harvey recalled the things mentioned by Sonia, which led to him asking about Arielle.

“I heard that Arielle is no longer around here from Sonia. Where did she go?”

As for Vinson, he did not intend to hide anything about Arielle from Harvey. After all, Vinson and Harvey were tightly connected and closely associated. Apart from not being biological, they were like real brothers. Hence, Vinson was not worried when he told Harvey what Arielle was up to.

“Why didn’t you stop her? That place is dangerous!” Harvey did not expect any of these. Not only did he not anticipate that she would leave alone, but he also did not think Vinson would let her have her way by letting her go alone.

At this point, he had no idea what to comment.

“If she wants to do something, she will have my support. Besides, I believe in her.” There was no way he would have let her go alone if not for the circumstances at hand. Vinson only agreed to this decision because they had to rescue the child and get a hold of the evidence of Nancy’s criminal acts.

Because of that, Vinson quickly gave in because he knew what she had in mind very well.

At the same time, in the palace, the queen mother also learned that Aaron had arrested her secretary. Upon learning the news, she immediately ordered Monisha to call Aaron to tell him she wanted him to come over.

Aaron, however, turned her down immediately by saying that he had matters to attend to.

At the same time, Carlos was busy interrogating the secretary in prison.

“I want to see the queen mother!” Gerrard, who endured a series of torture, stared right at Carlos with bloodshot eyes as he shouted.

Then came a deep and charming voice, saying, “You wish to see the queen mother? How unfortunate. I don’t think you can.”

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