A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1706

Chapter 1706 Skincare Products

“Dr. Moore, a-about the skincare products you mentioned last time…” Norma stuttered. She was feeling both difficult and awkward. After all, she declined the offer last time, only to return a few days later, asking for them.

In fact, she was not quick to change her mind. She only changed her mind because of the tiring babysitting. In just a few days, she had already aged so much, and she did not want that to happen because she was still in her fifties.

Meanwhile, Arielle was still trying to figure out what Norma wanted. She did not expect Norma to be so direct about what she wanted. It would not be much of a problem if it were just about the skincare products, but Arielle frowned and put up a worried expression regardless. “Professor, I’d love to give you some, but…”

Initially, Norma thought all she had to do was ask, and she would receive the products from Arielle. With her half-lidded eyes, Norma locked her vision on Arielle. Her vision then shifted toward Arielle’s silky smooth face. If she so much even dared to turn me down with a random excuse, I wouldn’t mind using this face that did not belong to me.

As for Arielle, she had no idea what Norma was brewing in her mind. She merely felt a slight cold seeping into her bones when Norma looked at her like that. On the outside, however, Arielle remained unflinching.

Arielle frowned a little. “I don’t know the address of this place. My grandmother can’t courier the products to us without an address.”

Hearing this, Norma let out a relieved breath. She did not see this coming. She thought that Arielle was planning to go back against her words by turning her down for a random reason.

“That’s easy. Just have your grandma ready the products and courier them to me. I’ll give you the address later,” Norma replied casually, which caught Arielle off guard. She had never expected Norma to give her the address easily.

“Of course!” Arielle then leaned closer toward Norma. She stared at Norma and pretentiously examined Norma’s face before backing off after a minute. She looked at Norma. “Now that I remember your skin condition in my mind clearly, I’ll let my grandmother know about it. She will customize the products accordingly. The effect of the products will be so mind-boggling that you wouldn’t believe it!”

The last sentence from Arielle was spoken so proudly and confidently that Norma was all hyped up to receiving her products.

“So, how long do I have to wait?” Norma asked. After all, Arielle once mentioned that after her grandmother applied her skincare products, her looks changed a lot. She looked just like she was in her forties when, in fact, she was in her sixties. Hence, Norma was looking forward to using the products right now. She even started imagining herself looking in her thirties after using the products.

“I can’t give you an exact timing, but I will tell her to produce the products as quickly as she can,” Arielle answered before she narrowed her eyes. “I’ll also ask my grandmother to prepare some body lotion for you. The body lotion will help your body return to its smooth and snowy white state from before.”

Norma was overwhelmed by happiness upon Arielle’s words. Not a single woman in this world would not like to see themselves in their peak state. She was anxious about the aging of her body that even Torsten stopped having any erotic feelings for her now. She had never expected such a great surprise from Arielle at all.

“Dr. Moore, I’ll take you on a shopping spree once the products are here. I reckon it’s boring over here. Youngsters prefer to see how the world outside looks, right?” Norma hid the happiness she felt while she patted Arielle’s arm.

As for Arielle, she only wanted to obtain the address from Norma by using the products as an excuse. She did not expect any other surprises, so it felt like someone delivered a pillow to her just when she was sleepy.

Meanwhile, just as Arielle saw some progress in her matters, Vinson found himself stagnant at this moment. There was a monitor in front of him, and he was staring at the content displayed on the website with a frown.

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