A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705 Ulterior Motives

Despite having used Morse to scout out the surroundings, Arielle still could not guarantee her success in taking away four children in one go. What should I do? She did not even know her actual location, as her imprisonment in the basement did not afford her the opportunity to get outside.

She did try to use Morse to bring her outside, but Morse would ask her what she needed and went out by himself whenever she brought up the matter of going out to shop for the children.

Worried about drawing his notice if she asked too often, Arielle did not dare bring up the matter of going out again. Her helplessness over her predicament plunged her into a stalemate. What should I do? Should I resort to that?

However, she did not dare guarantee that that plan would work. What if something went wrong?

Before she could think of something more foolproof, Norma’s arrival with Bella’s son in her arms intensified Arielle’s anxiety when she saw how demure the boy looked. However, her face displayed only joy.

“This child is a fine specimen. Are we ready to begin the experiment? Can I join in by then?” she asked Norma excitedly, who heaved a sigh of relief at the happiness and interest on Arielle’s expression and decided that it looked genuine.

As Dr. Moore is here under my recommendation, I would be the one to blame if she harbored any ulterior motives. It relieves me that she seems pretty interested in the research. I can use her without worry.

“All in good time,” Norma replied with a smile.

“Why? I’m not here to babysit children, Professor Norma. I’m here for research.” Various doubts arose in Arielle at Norma’s cryptic response. Did she mean there is no rush for my participation or that the use of children in research is temporarily halted? She could not decipher the meaning behind Norma’s words, so she decided to feign anger.

Arielle’s look of impatience made Norma very happy as she enjoyed meeting people capable of drastic means for science.

“Professor Hoffmeister said this child has been ill for days. Though his immune system is strong and his condition has taken a turn for the better, he’s been on the drip and has residual drugs in his system. It wouldn’t be too late to begin the research when he’s completely healed, as the drugs in his body would have been completely absorbed by then. Since this child is the best specimen out of all this batch of children, we have to maximize his potential.”

Arielle was relieved at those words. As she gazed at the adorable and obedient child, another idea occurred surreptitiously to her.

“I thought I would have been able to join in on the research as soon as possible. How disappointing!” Arielle huffed with dissatisfaction. “I’m sick of caring for kids over the past few days. One child isn’t a problem, but I can’t handle three. I’m tired all the time. Look at what my skin has become.”

Norma was overjoyed by the grievance in her voice, though she did not show it.

“It’s only a couple of days of work, which will pass very soon. We have waited many years for a test subject.” She patted Arielle’s arm comfortingly.

Arielle nodded helplessly and stretched out a hand to poke the child in her arms. “Though he’s the smallest, he’s the most well behaved,” she said through pursed lips.

Norma gazed at the child in her arms and nodded in agreement.

The two women exchanged a few more words, with Norma showing no signs of wanting to leave. Arielle sensed that Norma had an ulterior motive, but she could not figure out what it was. Just as she was considering different possibilities, Norma spoke.

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