A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1704

Chapter 1704 Begin The Experiment

The children are so young, and you want to feed them sleeping pills just because they are crying? As Arielle was forced to hide her anger, she could not dissipate it.

Instead, she gazed at Morse. “Is there any place around here we could take them to play? They wouldn’t cry after tiring themselves out. On the other hand, sleeping pills will harm their health and make proceeding with the experiment impossible.”

Morse scratched his head before giving it a shake. There aren’t any places for play around here.

“None?” Arielle was slightly disappointed. This dorm is not big enough. Three children wouldn’t be able to stretch out properly.

Morse noticed Arielle’s disappointment. His eyes flashed with sudden inspiration as he recalled somewhere possible.

“There’s a place which might be suitable. Hang on. Let me ask Professor Hoffmeister.” He left without giving her a chance to respond.

Several minutes later, he returned with a smile and declared that the professor had granted her leave to go there before leading Arielle and the three children to the place.

To her surprise, Arielle was brought to a small laboratory. Though it was smaller than the other rooms, it was at least a little larger than her dorms.

However, the equipment within had been stowed away, making it appear like an abandoned laboratory. She knew better than to ask.

With a suitable location for the children to play in at last, Arielle spared no expense in amusing them. They were all around two years of age, and though their energy seemed limitless, they, too, would fall prey to fatigue. The children began to show tiredness at noon, so Arielle and Morse brought them back to the dorm.

She bathed them, and after another meal of powdered milk, they began yawning and whining for bed. The two boys were obedient. As soon as they were tucked in, they fell asleep with a yawn.

Despite being very sleepy, the girl, on the other hand, rubbed her eyes and spread her arms, asking to fall asleep in Arielle’s embrace.

Her demeanor triggered Arielle’s maternal instincts. There were no surveillance cameras in the dorm, and Morse had left long ago after she had bathed the children.

In addition, Arielle was not worried that her gesture would make them suspicious. She held the little girl against her bosom and pinched her cheek as she hummed a nursery rhyme to coax her to sleep.

Feeling secure in Arielle’s embrace, the little girl soon closed her eyes and fell asleep. Afraid that the child would wake up upon being set down, Arielle held her for another ten minutes before tucking her in.

Her eyes narrowed as she gazed at the three sleeping children. I must protect them and not allow Professor Hoffmeister and the others to take advantage of them.

Morse brought lunch not long after. Arielle ate and rested a little before taking a shower. She had been drenched in sweat after playing with the children and felt sticky and uncomfortable.

Arielle heard a faint knock when she emerged from the bathroom. While toweling her wet hair, she walked over to open the door.

Morse was standing on the other side with a bag of fruit. The tips of his ears grew red instantly when he saw Arielle drying her hair with one hand.

“H-Here are some fruits for you.” Morse placed the fruits on the floor and turned to leave as if eager to escape.

Arielle narrowed her eyes. She sensed a difference in how Morse treated her. Is this another way of testing me?

Her gaze darkened as she picked up the bag of fruits and shut the door. Despite initially planning to take a nap, she no longer felt drowsy. Instead, she began thinking of countermeasures.

Two days later, Norma returned with Bella’s child and informed Torsten that the child was in good health. Arielle’s heart thumped with fear as she heard the news. Does that mean the experiment will commence? How will I stop it?

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