A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1703

Chapter 1703 Childcare

“These children have been examined, Dr. Moore, and some are malnourished. You will care for them for a couple of days. We’ll begin the experiment when all indicators meet the requirements,” Torsten declared to Arielle.

Arielle had been worried that Torsten would immediately begin the experiment upon the arrival of the children and heaved a sigh of relief upon being told to wait until the subjects’ indicators met the requirements.

This would also buy them time. However, this also indicates how important they are to the experiment.

“Sounds good,” Arielle replied as she gazed at the children before her with interest before turning to look at Torsten. “Did you buy them supplements to restore their health?”

Her words jolted Torsten, who suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to have Morse buy the supplements as he was busy delegating the care for those children to Arielle earlier.

“Morse will buy some later. Take them to your dorm first.” Accounting for the time, the children would be awake by now. They must get well acquainted with Dr. Moore.

Arielle had no way of bringing all three children to her dorm at once on her own, so she enlisted Morse’s help to bring the children to her dorm.

Arielle studied the three sleeping children after Morse left.

They looked slightly older than Bella’s child but were malnourished. Could they be children from poor families?

Arielle snapped a picture of the three children and sent it to Vinson while informing him that they were the three children sent over this time so he could keep an eye out for anybody who lost their children, then investigate further. She deleted the text immediately after sending it. No matter who they are, they would have no way of recovering the message.

Half an hour later, the three children awoke one at a time. They began wailing when they saw Arielle, who instantly felt like crying herself.

Are they hungry or are they thirsty?

Arielle was flustered. She had nothing edible in her dorm.

Thankfully, Morse arrived at that moment with some supplements, milk powder, and diapers.

“Help me watch them. I’ll make them some milk.” Arielle delegated the task to Morse before bringing the milk bottles to the kitchen. After sterilizing the three bottles, she boiled some water and, when it reached a suitable temperature, mixed in the milk powder and handed it to the three children.

Visibly starving, the three children cradled the bottles and gulped down their contents. In a matter of minutes, they finished three hundred milliliters of powdered milk.

Morse gazed in slight bewilderment at the fluidity of her sequence of actions.

“How are you so good at caring for kids?”

“I have a younger brother. I cared for him when my parents were at work.”

Arielle smiled as she spoke. Being busy with their careers, the Wilhelms had no time to raise Pat. It was then she began to care for him often. Arielle bathed and dressed him, prepared his milk, and took him to play. She would have been at a loss with the three children if she had not had the experience of caring for him.

Arielle smiled as she spoke, making Morse’s heart skip a beat involuntarily. He hurriedly turned away when she looked at him.

Despite finishing their meal, the three children were unappeased.

“Mama! Mama!”

Arielle’s heart ached with sorrow at their despair as they cried for their mother, yet she could not show Morse. Who could work here and be soft of heart?

“Give them some sleeping pills, Dr. Moore. That would stop their crying.” Morse frowned at the crying children.

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