A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702 Dead Men Tell No Tales

“When did this happen?” Aaron asked sternly as he shut his eyes forcefully before opening them. “Two to three days ago, Your Majesty.”

Aaron lowered his voice. “Keep this to yourself. Do not tell a soul.” The servant knew the severity of the matter very well and did not dare reveal it even under the threat of death.

After dismissing his servant, Aaron stood before the window with his hands clenched around the windowsill. He was, at that moment, broiling with rage.

How dare she do something like this before she even got the chance to conceal the photographs that had been previously exposed! As if that wasn’t bad enough, I can’t believe she would make a move on my future father-in-law. How despicable! She is not fit to be my grandmother and not worthy of the right to rule Turlen. I vow to drag Nancy down by whatever means necessary.

At that thought, the king placed an outgoing phone call.

“Bernd, it’s me.” Aaron then told Bernd his plan.

Bernd paused for a moment after the other finished speaking. “Will that work? Will it bring you any danger?”

He thought Aaron’s decision was too risky. What would happen if he faced danger upon being found out?

“It’s the only way, Bernd!” Aaron was aware that his way would harm himself almost as much as the enemy, but he had no other choice. He did not know how else he would be able to snatch power back from Nancy.

“Let’s think of another way, Aaron. We’ll mobilize your plans as a last resort.” Bernd was not supportive of Aaron bearing such a considerable risk, and he thought they should think of another plan before using Aaron’s if there was no other way.

Bernd advised Aaron for a long time before the latter agreed to Bernd’s suggestion, though Aaron privately felt they would resort to the method he supplied one way or another.

Arielle, on the other hand, was still unaware that Aaron had wanted to use his method against Nancy because she was, at that moment, staring with shock at the children before her.

“Morse, Professor Hoffmeister, are these the newest experimental subjects?” Arielle did not expect them to successfully procure another three children within two days.

How heinous of them to neglect the lives of children for their experiments.

Despite the anger in her heart, it did not even express itself on her face. Instead, she regarded the children before her with a delighted expression.

Torsten had specially asked Morse to bring Arielle over as he wanted to see her reaction when she saw the children with his own eyes. She did not disappoint me!

He was instantly relieved upon seeing her joy. It was somebody like her he required to be his apprentice.

“That’s right. These are the new experimental subjects. Do you like them?” He smiled at Arielle.

Arielle hated him and wanted nothing more than to cause his demise, but her face portrayed nothing but elation.

“Of course I do! I am thrilled by the thought of being able to use them for all sorts of experiments.” Arielle’s gaze on the children as she expressed immense interest caused Torsten to nod with satisfaction.

Regardless, if she were to show the merest display of sympathy or tenderness toward the children, she would not be able to participate in his experiment; worse yet, she would not be able to leave.

After all, only dead men tell no secrets.

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