A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1701

Chapter 1701 Await Rescue

Arielle knew they would not easily believe her, especially since she had deliberately revealed many talents. However, it was their suspicion she required as that was the only way she could convince them and become one of them.

“The salary is attractive, but I don’t like the work,” Arielle said in a level voice as she gazed at the professor. “I prefer something more challenging. That is why I submitted my resumé without a second thought when I saw that you were hiring. I am especially interested in your research and would like to join you in taking up this challenge.”

“You enjoy research?” Torsten asked, gaping at Arielle.

If she really is an innocent researcher enamored with our work, I might even be able to recruit an apprentice.

“Yes, I especially enjoy research,” Arielle said with a smile. “I have always wanted to know if dogs could survive if their heads were swapped, so I bought two dogs to conduct this experiment at home. To my surprise, both dogs died.” As she spoke, Arielle recalled her competition with Abraham, in which she had forfeited the match as she could not bear to raise a hand in cruelty.

“Do you know what our research is about?” Torsten asked. Arielle shook her head. It was not because she was unclear. But, even if she knew, she could not say it aloud.

“You will know soon.” Torsten picked up the phone on the table and handed it to her. “By the way, you are not allowed to bring your phone when you come to work. There is nothing more to be discussed with you for now. You may retire to your dorm.”

Arielle knew it would not be easy to gain admission into their inner circle. She took the phone and returned to her room. The first thing she did upon returning was sending Vinson a text telling him she was safe.

Vinson had not slept the entire night as he missed Arielle. He unlocked his phone at once at the sound of the alert tone and read the message. Arielle told him everything via text that had occurred to her without a single omission ever since arriving there.

As she had gone into great detail, he was not as worried about her as he should have been.

Vinson wrote: What about the kid? When shall we rescue him?

He wanted to wait until the rest of the children were brought together to rescue all of them at once and catch the people conducting experiments on the children in one fell swoop.

He shared his idea with Arielle, whose lips curled into a smile when she finished reading his text. He is indeed my man to be thinking along the same lines as I am. She, too, had had the same idea. I’m going to think of a way to make the already healthy child appear the opposite. It is only through this way that I could buy some time.

Arielle texted: Tell Lawrence to speak to Aaron and put the people on their guard regarding their children. Have the police and the military take precautions. According to her plan, they would stop Nancy and the others from abducting the children if they could. If they could not, the children would be sent where she was, and she would think of another way to buy them time to await rescue.

At the mention of Aaron, Arielle’s head ached with frustration when she recalled that Nancy had not released him from his imprisonment.

She hurriedly sent another text: Ask Lawrence when Nancy will release Aaron. We’ll gather the ministers to pressure her if he isn’t released in two days.

At that moment, Aaron, who Monisha had released, returned to the chambers occupied by Dylan when he was alive, which had been renovated to Aaron’s taste. Upon entry, a subordinate came forth to make a report. The king’s expression grew grim as he listened. “D*mn it!” he cursed as the veins on his arm bulged.

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