A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700 The Missing Child

We don’t have any equipment for treating children. That means we’ll have to send this child to the hospital in order to treat him. But if the hospital… At the thought of how that child’s photos had probably spread across the internet, Torsten’s brows knitted together tightly. It’s easy for anyone to recognize the child if we send him to the hospital.

While his mind was in turmoil, he abruptly directed his deadly gaze toward Arielle. Photos of this child are all over the internet. But why does Dr. Moore not seem to have any reaction when she sees him? Does she really have no idea, or does she actually knows everything deep inside?

“Do you know this child, Dr. Moore?” Torsten locked his blue eyes on Arielle intently.

“Isn’t that the child who went missing?” Arielle looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

Is she questioning me instead? Isn’t she curious why a missing child would appear here?

Puzzlement filled Torsten as he stared at Arielle. Who in the right mind wouldn’t find it puzzling after seeing the missing child here? Why is she not showing any emotions at all?

“Dr. Moore, aren’t you curious why this child would be here?” Norma, who was at one corner, could not hold back her curiosity and threw a question even before Torsten managed to.

What’s wrong with this young lady? Why is she reacting so calmly after seeing a missing child here?

“Why should I be curious about why he’s here? Isn’t he merely an experimental subject?” Upon noticing the two gaping at her, Arielle shot them a look of puzzlement. “Is he not?”

“Yes, you’re right!”

“Yes, you’re right!”

The two turned to look at each other after answering in unison. So, it turns out this lady we’ve recruited is so experienced in this aspect, huh?

“Dr. Moore, we don’t have any equipment from the pediatrics. Now that this experimental subject is sick, how are we going to send him to the hospital if everyone there will recognize him?” It was Torsten’s true intention to find a solution, but at the same time, he was also trying to sound Arielle out.

Well aware of what was in their minds, Arielle remained very calm in that situation.

She did not mind showing her skills and letting them know how capable she was so that they could place their trust in her.

“Isn’t it easy?” With that said, she turned and left the place. When she returned, she had a small bag in her hand. She pulled out the tools from inside, and about ten minutes later, the child in the crib had a change of face.

Since Norma and Torsten were knowledgeable and well-informed persons, their faith and confidence in Arielle’s capabilities increased significantly after watching her perform the task.

“You can send him to the hospital now!” Arielle then packed the tools back into the bag.

At that moment, that child was still crying terribly in the crib. When Arielle put her hand over his forehead, she realized he was running a fever.

“Bring him to the hospital now. No one will be able to recognize him,” Arielle said to the two as she was worried the fever would trigger other problems if he stayed there any longer.

Since there were only two females—Arielle and Norma—in the entire facility, and they could not trust the newcomer to send the child to the hospital, Norma ultimately had to accompany the child to seek treatment, with Morse in charge of driving the car and sending them to the pediatrics.

When everyone left, Torsten looked at Arielle and said, “Don’t tell me this isn’t your real face either?”

Suspicions were beginning to grow within him; unfortunately, he had no evidence to support his claims.

“It’s my real face. I don’t give a d*mn about using an artificial face,” Arielle stated while staring into his eyes.

“Let me ask you a question, Ms. Moore. You have to answer me truthfully,” asked Torsten with his eyes on her.

“Go ahead.”

“Why did you come here? Your medical skills are amazing. You could’ve earned a good salary at any one of the hospitals; why come here?” Torsten spoke in an icy tone as he glanced at Arielle grimly. In truth, it was difficult for him to trust a stranger that easily.

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