A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699 Her Heart Softened

While Arielle was busy examining the child, Sonia, on the other hand, was gaping in astonishment over the pile of baby products Lorraine had sent over.

“Ms. Moore bought these and asked me to deliver them to you before she left.” Lorraine wore a faint smile on her cold expression after seeing Sonia with her big belly. “She says she has some matters to tend to and isn’t sure if she can return before you give birth. That’s why she decided to buy and gift them to you first. This way, you can get them prepped so that it’ll be handy when the baby is born.”

“What is Ari busy with?” Upon learning that Arielle might not be able to turn up for her delivery, Sonia began to worry about the former’s safety. “Is she going to get herself in a risky position? When did she leave? Why didn’t she tell me beforehand?”

Lorraine gave a few words of consolation and explained that she would stay at Sonia’s place for the time being to take care of her.

Sonia initially wanted to reject the kind offer but eventually changed her mind on second thought. Hold on. Since Ari isn’t around, there’ll only be Vinson and this woman alone at their accommodation. No way; I must help Ari watch Vinson. I can’t deny Vinson has a handsome face. What if this woman tries to seduce Vinson while Ari is away?

“I’ll thank you for your trouble, then!” Sonia gladly acknowledged.

Meanwhile, a series of ambiguous panting and gasping noises sounded from Nancy’s bedroom in the palace.

It was after some time that those noises faded away. Matthew, looking reinvigorated, held Nancy tightly in his embrace and kissed her forehead endearingly. As Nancy was well-versed with many bed positions and tricks, she could always satisfy his needs and demands. It was an experience that he could not get from Melissa. That left him falling head over heels for Nancy.

Despite the fact that Nancy was not young anymore, she was that dream woman in his heart. To him, she was still as mesmerizing and enchanting as she was in the past.

“Matthew, I’m so happy to be with you!” Nancy snuggled in Matthew’s arms and kept a smile on her face.

Those were words that came from the bottom of her heart.

I can’t believe Matthew has such good stamina. He’s so much better than that person. I expect nothing less from a soldier; his physique is so different. He really leaves me so satisfied every single time.

Instead of responding to her exclamations, Matthew lightly caressed her tresses, which had several gray strands layered within.

“Nancy, has His Majesty been released? How about letting him go and look for Nico so that he can bond with her better? We’ve missed our chance, but I hope they won’t miss theirs.”

Nancy’s brows scrunched up when she heard Matthew asking about Aaron’s situation. She was even beginning to suspect his motive of staying by her side. Nevertheless, she felt her heart soften after hearing the last sentence.

If I didn’t marry Dylan’s father… No. Even if I had a second chance, I would still choose to marry him.

The reason was simple—she loved power. Only by marrying that man would she be able to gain power and authority.

“I’ll get Monisha to get him out later!”

Matthew felt a weight lifted off his shoulders when he heard that.

Even though Nancy held a special spot, the country and kingdom still occupied a more important place in his heart. He knew he ought to do something since her desire for power was growing.

While Matthew was racking his brain trying to help Aaron gain some authority back, Arielle’s expression turned solemn and stern on the other side.

All of the symptoms this child is displaying show that it’s intussusception. He must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible for an ultrasound scan and timely treatment. Arielle hesitated no further in divulging her findings to Torsten. Upon learning the situation from her, he ran another check to affirm that her diagnosis was accurate. Only then did he furrow his brows.

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