A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698 Sick

“What happened?” Norma’s brows knitted together as she gazed at the anxious-looking Morse.

The man, unbothered about Arielle’s presence, went straight to the point. “Something doesn’t look right about that child. He’s vomiting all of a sudden…”

Before Morse could finish his sentence, Norma hurried off.

Child? Could it be that child?

A line deepened between Arielle’s brows, and she quickly followed behind them.

“Norma, how did the child get sick again while under your care?” Torsten probed in dissatisfaction upon catching sight of her.

Faced with his interrogation, Norma flew into a rage at once. I’m here to conduct experiments, not to take care of the children. Never mind that he put those children under my care, but I’m also a woman who hasn’t gotten married and never gave birth to kids before! How can he possibly find fault with me now that something has gone wrong?

“Like you, I’m also here for research and experiments. It isn’t my responsibility to take care of the children. Can you not push the blame on me whenever something happens?” Norma’s expression darkened drastically. “I’m not the cause of his sickness.”

Watching the two bicker, Arielle felt a pang of fury surge within her. Isn’t the child the most important thing right now? Why are they quarreling here instead of saving that child?

Regardless, Arielle dared not speak up. After all, she had just managed to get in there and had yet laid her hands on any evidence. It was little wonder why she would be worried about exposing herself.

“How’s the child doing now?” Arielle asked softly. “Have you guys found out the problem?”

Her words instantly cut the two off their argument.

“You’re the doctor who came yesterday?” Torsten turned to look at Arielle.

She politely nodded. “Yes, I am.”

He paused his gaze on Arielle for a moment before turning to Norma and uttered, “Let’s go check on the child.”

As he finished his sentence, he proceeded forward into the room ahead. In truth, Norma was also worried about that child, not only because she liked him, but more importantly, his vital signs were a right fit for their experiment, and they could not afford any mistakes.

Without hesitation, Arielle followed behind. As she got closer to the door, she heard the hysterical cries of a child fill the air. Anxiousness overwhelmed her, but she tried her best to suppress her emotions.

Entering the room, Torsten felt a little rattled as the sight of the obedient and adorable child becoming sickly came within his vision. He was in disbelief that the experimental subject he had high regard for was sick again.

Initially, he wanted to give the child an examination personally. But after some deliberation, he directed his attention to Arielle. This lady got in during the recruitment Norma held. I should have a look at how capable she is. This isn’t a place where anybody can stay as they wish.

“Dr. Moore, examine that child and see what’s wrong with him,” Torsten placidly instructed.

Arielle figured that he was trying to test out her medical skills. Of course, she was more than glad to be able to give that child an examination. After nodding her head to acknowledge, she strode straight to the crib and lowered her head to observe the child’s symptoms. The sight of the child’s pale face and his occasional vomiting made her feel a dull pain in her chest.

“Did you feed him milk this morning?” Arielle queried while observing the child.

Norma was usually the one taking care of the children, including him. However, he had not had a good appetite since his fever two days ago. As such, he had only drank a few sips of milk that morning.

After learning the details, Arielle extended her hand to touch that child’s abdomen. But the moment she did that, he began to bawl his eyes out. Despite feeling torn to see him that way, Arielle insisted on touching his belly with her hand.

In the next second, her expression grew grim and an ugly scowl formed on her face.

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