A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1697

Chapter 1697 Jealousy

“Why must I hand over my phone? I’m here to work; how do you expect my family to contact me if I give my phone to you?” Arielle still decided to question her doubt even though she knew the reason.

After all, no employers would take the workers’ phones away from them during work.

That was why she saw the need to ask. Otherwise, it would easily arouse the other party’s suspicions.

“This is a standard procedure. We’ll return it to you after checking it.”

“You still have to check our phones?” Arielle arched an eyebrow.

“Yes. It’s a routine inspection.”

Morse had a good impression of her and thus answered all of the questions she asked.

After purposely throwing him several questions, Arielle handed her phone over to him before he took her to a room they had tidied the past few days.

“This is the dorm. Work will start at eight in the morning and end at eight at night starting tomorrow.”

After articulating the details, Morse left to deliver the phone to Torsten.

“Aren’t there two of them? Why is there only one phone?” Norma picked up Arielle’s phone and passed it to a young man beside her to check. Fiddling with the phone for a short while, the latter shook his head and handed it back to Norma.

“Having an additional person means additional risk,” muttered Torsten as he bent over and fixed his gaze on the data before him. “Recruiting one lady will do. She can help take care of the children too.”

Finishing that, he stood up and looked at Norma with his brows furrowed. “Didn’t I say I wanted five more experimental subjects? Have you contacted that side? Why haven’t they sent the subjects over?”

“I heard they’ll be delivered within the next two days.”

Norma felt her head throbbing when she heard the plan to keep Arielle only. Doesn’t that mean there are only the two of us to take care of the children when they arrive here later?

“Call them to remind them again.” Torsten sounded displeased. He had a lot of ideas in his mind, and he was eagerly waiting to implement them.

“I’ll do it right away once I return to my room!” Norma looked at him. “It’s late. Have an early rest!”

With that, she turned and left. At her age, she could no longer afford to go without sleep. Even though she had a good skincare routine, staying up late into the night too often would still accelerate the aging process.

The following day, Arielle was about to head out after washing up. But just as she opened the door, she spotted Norma standing outside with her hand raised, seemingly about to knock on her door.

A hint of jealousy flashed across Norma’s eyes when she saw Arielle. How young she is. Just look at her complexion; it’s so fair and smooth. It’ll be perfect if that face belongs to me.

She fixed her burning and sweltering gaze at Arielle so intently it freaked the latter out a little. “You…”

“I’m one of the professors here.” Norma smilingly handed over a bag. “This is your breakfast.”

Arielle hurriedly grabbed the bag over. “Thank you!”

Norma shook her head and reached out to touch Arielle’s face. “You have a good complexion.”


Arielle ran her fingers across her artificial face. A sudden thought surfaced in her mind, and she averted her gaze to Norma with a smile. “My grandma practices traditional Chanaean medicine. She loves researching skincare products. The beauty products we use are all handmade by her. She’s already in her mid-sixties, yet she looks as though she’s only forty. If you’re interested, I can send you the products she made.”

Norma, who had intended to slice Arielle’s face off and put it on hers, had a change of mind in that instant. After all, she reckoned it was more natural looking if it was her own face. Nonetheless, she shook her head at the thought of the matter they had at hand. This isn’t the most important matter right now!

Just as Arielle wanted to continue persuading, she heard a series of rapid footsteps approaching her direction.

“Bad news, Professor Norma…”

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