A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696 Hand Over The Phone

“Vinson, they sent me an email. I have to leave soon.” Arielle got up the next day and scrolled through the email. She would need to get to the bank by ten in the morning, and there would be someone who would lead them to the research center.

She slept at three in the morning because she was busy making the poison. It was almost seven in the morning, so she had less than three hours to prepare.

Upon hearing that, Vinson instantly woke up from a daze. What he uttered last night had come true. D*mn it, me and my big mouth!

“Sannie…” Vinson hugged her tightly as he was reluctant to let her go.

He had no idea what kind of danger she would encounter and when she would be able to return.

Arielle did not want to part with Vinson either but had no choice. She turned over, sat on top of the man, and gazed into his eyes. She then lowered her head and kissed his lips while running her hands all over his body.

Her sensuous move had utterly aroused Vinson. He flipped the woman over and pinned her to the bed.

Arielle moaned and trembled in pleasure as the man exerted pressure on her body. “I love you, Vinson. I love you very much…”

Her declaration of love got Vinson even more pumped up. He tried his best to give Arielle his all during the intimate exchange.

One and a half hours later, Vinson sent Arielle off. Before leaving, Arielle looked at Lorraine and said, “Lorraine, I need you to send Sonia the things we bought last night. She can give them to the baby once she has dried them under the sun.”

“Got it!” Lorraine answered.

“Tell her I’ll be away for some time. I might not return in time for her delivery.”

Lorraine hummed in acknowledgment.

After giving all the instructions, Arielle left the house with Vinson. When they were about to reach the meeting point, Arielle told Vinson to drop her off.

“I’ve to leave now, Vinson. Take good care of yourself.” When Arielle was about to get out of the car, Vinson grabbed her arm, cupped the back of her head with his palm, and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

The long, passionate kiss lasted for a while as they did not know how long they would be separated and had no idea when they would reunite again.

Vinson eventually released Arielle. He stared at her swollen lips and stroked her cheeks. “Take good care of yourself!”

Arielle bobbed her head gently. After stepping out of the car and taking a few steps forward, she turned around and walked up to Vinson again. She locked her arms around his neck and gave him another peck on the lips before leaving.

Vinson could only respond with a wry smile as he watched her walk away.

Even though Arielle had disappeared from his sight, Vinson stood still and chose not to leave.

Meanwhile, Arielle stopped walking when she arrived at the bank.

“Are you Ms. Moore? Arielle Moore?”

Arielle turned around and responded with a nod when she saw the man. “Yup. I’m Arielle.”

“My name is Morse, and I’ll take you to the place!”

After a brief introduction, Morse took Arielle to his car.

“I’ll need you to cover your eyes with this mask during the journey, Ms. Moore,” the man said.

Arielle, who initially thought of memorizing the route, instantly put her guard up as she did not expect them to be so well-prepared. Nevertheless, she tried to stay calm and put on the mask.

After a ten-hour drive, the car finally stopped. Morse opened the door and helped her get out of the vehicle. He then held her hand and walked for about ten minutes before removing the mask over her eyes.

“Please hand over your phone, Ms. Moore.”

Arielle’s heart skipped a beat. He wants me to hand over my phone?

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