A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695 Do Not Mess With Me

The woman spewed a mouthful of blood. Before Arielle and the others could get hold of her, a man emerged from the dark, carried her on his back, and ran away. Vinson ran after them and saw the man put her on a motorcycle. They then rode the motorcycle and left the alley.

There was no way anyone could outrun them. Vinson had no choice but to turn around and head back. When Arielle saw him walk in her direction and heard the sound of the bike, she knew they had escaped.

Vinson held Arielle’s hand and walked out of the alley while Lorraine followed right behind them.

They noticed all the other cars were gone when they got to the main road. The woman was indeed one of them.

“Let’s go to the hospital. You need to get your arm bandaged.” It broke Vinson’s heart when he realized Arielle was injured again.

Yet, Arielle did not want to make another trip to the hospital. She outright rejected him, “What for? Don’t forget I’m a doctor.”

Arielle swung her arm as if the wound did not bother her. “It’s just a minor injury. Don’t waste time going to the hospital.”

Vinson was aware that Arielle had made several trips to the hospital, even though she had only been in Turlen for a couple of days. He decided not to force her since he understood she was tired of going to the hospital.

When they got home, Vinson immediately retrieved the medical kit. He then cleaned Arielle’s wound, applied medicine to the injury, and bandaged it.

Vinson expressed his dismay because he did not want Arielle to work for the professor. “You’re just putting yourself at risk if you work there. What if things go south?”

He was scared that no one could be there to protect her should she encounter any life-threatening emergencies.

“I will carry some drugs with me and use them on anyone trying to take advantage of me. They’ll collapse in no time. How about that?” Arielle tried to convince Vinson that she would use the poisons from the Mill family’s medical manuscripts. She had to do this because she did not want Vinson to stop her.

Vinson arched his brows and looked into her eyes. “Are you sure about this?”

Deep in his heart, he did not believe Arielle would concoct such a fatal substance. After all, she was not a ruthless person. The poison from the medical manuscripts could take an adult down in seconds.

“I wouldn’t resort to this if they did not mess with me. Since those people want to kill me, why should I show them mercy?” Arielle narrowed her eyes and said steadily.

Vinson supported Arielle’s decision. “Tell me what you need. I’ll buy the ingredients for you. Let’s do it now.”

Vinson would do things in two shakes of a lamb’s tail when Arielle needed his help. He told Arielle to list the ingredients out so that he could purchase them.

“You want to go out to get these ingredients at this hour? Can’t you do it tomorrow?” Arielle glanced at her watch and realized it was nine at night.

Vinson shook his head. “I have to do it now. What if they want you to go tomorrow? It’s safer to prepare in advance.”

Looking at the man who insisted on her giving him the ingredients list so he could buy them that night, Arielle lowered her head and thought of the drugs and poisons she could use to defend herself. She then mentioned all the ingredients she needed for the concoction.

Vinson carefully jotted down all the names.

“You just stay at home and wait. Call Lorrie if you need help,” Vinson said to Arielle after noting down all the ingredients. He then grabbed his coat and wallet and left the house.

It was almost midnight by the time he reached home. With Vinson and Lorraine’s help, Arielle had successfully concocted the poison. However, something Vinson uttered had come true the next day.

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