A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1694

Chapter 1694 Who Sent You

“W-What are you talking about?” the woman asked in fear. Arielle continued to glare at her, the knife nearly breaking the latter’s skin. “You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Lorraine stilled briefly upon hearing Arielle’s words. “Wait, did I just get tricked?” she asked, walking toward them and staring at the unnamed woman. “You’re working with these guys?”

“N-No, I’m not.” Tears rolled down the woman’s ashen cheeks as she gazed at Arielle. “I’m not with these guys! I don’t even know them.”

Lorraine’s expression softened at that. Is this some kind of misunderstanding?

“Could we have gotten things wrong here, Boss?” she asked, turning to Arielle in puzzlement.

“These guys and all the cars coming after us before—they’re all with her,” the latter expressed frostily.

After glancing at the woman being held at knifepoint, Lorraine felt anger rising within her.

“I even tried to save you, but it turns out you’re the one behind the whole disaster?”

While speaking, she wanted to slap this woman so badly but could only suppress her urges to not get in Arielle’s way. Still, if looks could kill, who knows how many times this woman would have died by now.

“I’m not. I swear it’s not me…” The woman began to weep over the suspicions. “Please let me go. I’m really not working with them.”

“There are handcuffs inside the car. Bring them over,” Arielle demanded while shooting Lorraine a glance. The latter understood that look and quickly left the alley.

As soon as the sound of Lorraine’s footsteps faded completely, the unknown woman’s eyes flashed as she grabbed Arielle by the arm and caught the falling dagger.

She then peered at Arielle while fiddling with the weapon.

“When did you find out I’m with these guys?” she asked, her initial frightened expression replaced with confidence and haughtiness.

“No one came chasing after us the moment we came into this alley, and then you happened to show up at that very moment. That’s when I began to wonder if you were part of the ploy.”

“You’re quite the observant one, huh?” The woman couldn’t help but frown. It was her first mission, but she had already blown it. I have much to learn.

“So, who sent you?”

Seeing the unnamed individual refuse to answer, Arielle surmised it had to do with the code of practice.

“My mission is to kill you, so I’ll answer your question only when you’re about to die!” Holding the dagger, the woman began her attack. Arielle swung a foot at her in response, only for her opponent to grab her by the leg and fling her aside. She then picked up a wooden club after barely landing on her feet.

Yet, before she could balance herself, the unknown woman leaped toward her again. This time, Lorraine appeared and kicked the opponent to the ground. It then became a two-against-one battle.

The woman was especially skilled at fighting, thus quickly gaining the upper hand against Arielle and Lorraine. But just as she thought she was finally about to complete her mission, she was suddenly sent flying backward like a ragdoll before crashing to the floor.

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