A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1693

Chapter 1693 Another Beauty

Arielle and Vinson exchanged glances before swiftly taking their guns out of their pockets. Ever since what had happened the last time, they both carried guns wherever they went to prevent the same incident from happening again.

Yet, before they could sigh with relief after having just evaded a large van speeding in their direction, another vehicle appeared from behind and began to tail them. From the way Lorraine floored the gas pedal, it was clear that someone was out to kill them.

“Lorraine! Make a left, and we’ll jump out!” instructed Arielle. As Lorraine heeded the order, the three then leaped out of the car and landed on a grass field.

“There’s an alley up ahead! Let’s hide there!”

They made a beeline for the alley in front.


Yet, a woman emerged from the alley out of the blue, and three furious-looking men could be seen chasing after her.

“Stop running, b*tch!” the men called out while running.

Unable to stand the sight of a woman getting picked on, Lorraine reached out and shielded her before glaring at the three burly men who had also come their way.

“What have we here? Another beauty! It’s our lucky day!” one of the men commented with a smirk.

Lorraine despised guys like them the most. “P*ss off!”

As soon as she responded, she swung her leg in the man’s direction, kicking him effectively.

“You b*tch! How dare you kick me?” he roared before turning to his comrades. “Get them!”

Then, the three of them charged toward Lorraine.

Arielle knew how skilled of a fighter Lorraine was, but she didn’t expect the latter to be unable to keep up. With a narrow of her eyes, she then drew two daggers from her waist and walked out of the shadows, joining the fight.

“Wow! Yet another beauty!” With a malicious chuckle, the man headed her way.

It didn’t take Arielle long to pierce his arm with one of her knives, although that certainly infuriated him. His movements became more aggressive as he took out his own dagger and swung it at her, creating a slit on her arm.

Arielle began to counterattack as blood trailed down her arm. This time, she was going to beat him up to the point that he could no longer fight back.

“Look out!” the woman hiding behind Lorraine screamed all of a sudden.

Arielle hastily turned around to see Lorraine being kicked to the ground by another man. Seething, she did the same to him before stabbing his thigh with her dagger. Beads of sweat rolled down the man’s forehead as he groaned in pain.

“Are you okay?” The unknown woman rushed over to Lorraine’s side.

“I’m fine,” the latter replied frigidly. “You don’t have to be afraid. No one can take you away while we’re here.”

“Thank you so much!” the woman exclaimed and looked ahead.

Seeing their comrade injured, the two remaining men lunged toward Arielle. Vinson wanted to emerge from the dark to help, but Arielle stopped him and began retaliating at her opponents.

The two men were quickly taken care of.

“Are you—” Just as the woman was about to show her concern, she felt a dagger right over her throat.

“Who sent you?”

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