A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1692

Chapter 1692 Two Kids

“Two?” “Yeah! Why? You don’t want that?” Vinson pulled her into his arms. “I just don’t want you to be in pain.”

Having children wasn’t an easy feat, considering how much a woman had to go through during pregnancy. He figured that having one child was enough, but if she wanted two, he wouldn’t stop her as long as she remained in good health and spirits.

“Like I’d be afraid of a little pain!” the woman insisted while holding up a tiny dress. “Look at how cute this dress is! If we ever have a daughter, I’d let her wear this.”

Daddy! An image of a mini version of Arielle in that pretty dress calling out to Vinson surfaced in his head, and his lips couldn’t help but curl slightly into a smile.

“Look, Vinson!” Arielle spotted another set of clothing for boys and beamed. “This is such a cool design! Imagine how many girls would swoon over our son if he wore this.”

The man’s smile widened. They had come to shop for someone else’s gifts, and yet, all this woman could think about was their future children. Still, that made him look forward to this dream becoming a reality.

“Let’s have kids after we return to Chanaea, Sannie,” he murmured into her ear while holding her hand. “I can’t wait to be a father.”

“Okay! Let’s do that once we’re home,” the woman replied joyously. In fact, she would have already wanted to start having children if Nancy weren’t still around.

Truthfully, she even felt a little envious seeing Sonia’s large belly.

After window-shopping for a while longer, Arielle walked to the infants’ clothing section and started picking some outfits.

The clothes were for a newborn, so every item she had chosen was made of pure cotton so as to not irritate the baby’s skin. The woman grabbed a dozen sets of clothes before buying a bunch of little shoes and hats too.

“Wait for me here, Vinson. I’ll go get Sonia some postpartum care products.” Then, she walked into another store filled with an array of goods to buy Sonia some pajamas, a postpartum belt, and a large box of other gifts.

“All set!”

Arielle returned to Vinson after paying, and the two left the mall with their hands full of shopping bags.

“That’s a lot of shopping you did!” Lorraine remarked as she trotted over to them and took the bags from Arielle. Then, they headed to the car, put everything inside the trunk, and hopped into the car.

While glancing at the woman driving in front, Arielle suddenly recalled that she hadn’t told the former about her plans.

“Lorraine, I’ll soon be away for a mission. As for you—”

“I’ll go watch over Ms. Sonia,” Lorraine responded meekly before letting Arielle finish. “Consider it my way of making up for what I did in the past.”

“That’s fine.” Arielle nodded in approval. She was worried that Lorraine would feel uneasy staying at the apartment with just Vinson. At least she can take care of Sonia and help look after the baby too. ”Then I’ll leave Sonia and her baby to you.”

“Absolutely. Don’t you worry about a single…” Suddenly, Lorraine’s eyes narrowed as she gripped the wheel and made a sharp turn. “Hold on tight!”

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