A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690 Fallen Out Of Love

“Nico and His Majesty have been engaged for a while now, so I thought of letting them go on a trip together to spend more time with each other, but Nico told me she couldn’t reach him.

That’s how I came to this assumption,” Matthew explained candidly, aware that the woman was wary of him from how she looked at him. Upon hearing that, Nancy kept her doubts away. Still, this was but a small matter not even worth mentioning.

While gazing at Matthew, she recalled how he had refused to be near her again, and that made her feel especially discontented. Seeing how well he treated Melissa filled her with jealousy. I’m supposed to be the one he loves, not some other woman!

“We’ll talk about their trip another time,” the woman stated coldly, refusing to let Aaron out.

Matthew fell silent as he remembered Lawrence’s words.

“You’ll lose the public’s support if you keep him locked up like that. He’s our king.”

Nancy’s eyes lit up as she heard his response.

“Are you worried about me, Matthew?” she asked, walking toward him.

Not waiting for a reply, she leaped into the man’s arms. “I knew it. You still care about me.”

There was no way a man who only had eyes for her all these years would simply fall out of love like that.

It’s all Arielle’s fault. Those photos she released made him jealous, but I’m in the wrong too. He wouldn’t have been upset with me if I’d given him just a bit of what he wanted.

A familiar scent wafted into Matthew’s nostrils. The woman still smelled the same after all these years, although he was no longer as easily roused as he used to be.

“Don’t do this, Your Majesty,” he warned while pushing her away gently. “It’d be trouble if anyone were to see us.”

She might not care, but the man didn’t want his wife at home to be heartbroken anymore.

Whatever had happened previously was the first time—and the last. He couldn’t cross the line again.

“I’ve sent every single one of them away. Nobody will see us.”

Nancy assumed that he had pushed her aside just because he didn’t want to get caught, so she threw herself into his arms again.

“Why do you keep pushing me away these days, Matthew?” she asked, grabbing onto the hands that tried to shove her and placing one of them over her heart. “It hurts over here. It hurts so much because of you.”

Tears trickled down her face onto Matthew’s chest.

“Your Majesty—”

“Call me Nancy, Matthew. I like it when you call me that,” the woman muttered, kissing him on the neck.

The man immediately tensed up before pushing her and stepping back again.

“Do you really have to push me away like this, Matthew?”

Nancy gazed at him with her eyes full of tears, looking fragile yet headstrong at the same time—just like how she was in her younger days.

“It’s best if we stay away from each other, Your Majesty,” Matthew asserted despite feeling his heart soften. I only came here to tell her to release the king, not to do this!

How could he not feel anything toward her when seeing her like this?

She was the woman he had loved for decades, after all.

“Do you enjoy seeing me upset? I love you, Matthew. I’ve fallen for you,” Nancy declared, turning away from him in despair. Matthew was instantly heartbroken to see that, and he walked up to pull her into a soft embrace. “Nancy…”

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