A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1689

Chapter 1689 Hired

Did we not get the job? Are they that stringent? Just as the woman contemplated what else she could do, her phone rang briefly.

She then hastily checked the e-mail she had just received. “Vinson! I got the job!” Arielle squealed with delight.

Thinking he hadn’t heard her, she dashed into the kitchen where he was. “I got the job, Vinson! Now I can save that kid!” While she was thrilled, the man remained silent as he made dinner.

Although he had decided to give Arielle his support, he couldn’t help but worry about her safety, especially since he couldn’t be with her.

Noticing Vinson’s dismay, the woman wrapped her arms around his waist from behind and pressed her face against his back.

“Don’t worry about me, Vinson. Think of this as a way to build good karma for our future child.”

Vinson turned off the stove, removed Arielle’s hands on his waist, and turned around to look at her. “I don’t need you to build karma for anyone. No one matters to me more than you do.”

He didn’t care if it was their child or someone else’s; no one was more important to him than Arielle. In fact, he would willingly take her place in anything she wanted to do.

Hearing that, Arielle threw herself into his arms. This man always caught her by surprise with his sudden proclamations of love.

“I know you’re worried about me, but I’ll take good care of myself.”

She didn’t know what else to say to him. I have to go no matter what since I’ll be killing two birds with one stone. I can save the children and gather more evidence to bring the queen mother down.

“Remember to contact me every day.” Aware that he could do nothing to change her mind, Vinson pulled her closer. “Tell me what’s going on no matter what it is. I can help you whenever you need me.”

It was about time he made use of the people he had brought over.

As Arielle prepared to leave, she grew anxious at the thought of Aaron still being imprisoned and gave Lawrence a call.


“You don’t have to look for the kids, General Lawrence. I’ll be handling that. What matters right now is Aaron. The queen mother’s holding him captive inside the palace. Could you find a way to get her to release him?”

“I’ll figure something out.”

After hanging up, Lawrence walked around his study in circles while deep in thought. Then, someone crossed his mind. Matthew’s going to be King Aaron’s father-in-law. It’s perfectly reasonable to get him to talk to the queen mother.

At the thought of that, he quickly dialed Matthew’s number and explained the situation.

The latter was shocked to learn that Nancy had imprisoned Aaron, and he narrowed his eyes. What on earth is she up to? Is she doing this because she still wants to be the queen?

Matthew spoke to his wife briefly before heading for the palace.

Nancy was elated to see him and sent all her servants away.

“Matthew! What are you doing here? Have you had lunch?” she exclaimed while reaching for his hand, only for him to avoid her.

He couldn’t do anything to hurt his wife again.

“Did you imprison the king, Your Majesty?” the man asked after stepping back and maintaining a one-meter distance from her.

Nancy stared at him with a grim expression. I made sure everyone kept this a secret. How did he find out?

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