A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1688

Chapter 1688 Look For More Doctors

“Norma! How did this child get a fever while under your care?” Torsten questioned in a displeased tone while turning around with furrowed brows.

Hearing that the child was unwell, Norma immediately put her phone down and reached for his forehead. He does have a fever—a pretty high one at that.

Yet, she glanced at the boy. “Is he intellectually challenged? Why is he still sitting here and playing when he’s got such a high fever? He never even cried,” she commented with a frown.

The professor’s face clouded over as he heard that. Intellectually challenged? The kid’s just fine! I ran tests on him myself. He’s healthy and will be the perfect experimental subject, but I’m going to get skewed results if I conduct the experiments on him now.

“He’s perfectly normal,” Torsten huffed. “Quick, go get some medication that will lower his fever.”

The child’s fever was so high that there were no other suitable methods to reduce his body temperature.

Moreover, since they didn’t have any medication for children here, they would have to buy some at a pharmacy.

Norma looked visibly upset. How dare he talk to me like that? Am I not a professor too? Despite her indignation, the woman did as told. Nothing else could be done, given that they were the only ones here.

After returning from the pharmacy and giving the boy his medication, she turned to Torsten and suggested, “There’s only the two of us here. We can’t manage everything on our own. How about we hire a few more doctors?”

“Hire more doctors?” The man frowned. “That won’t do. What if—”

“But we’re going to need more subjects. How will we cope when we bring in more kids?” Norma emphasized.

Sure, I can conduct the experiments, but looking after children? No way. Besides, not every kid is as quiet and obedient as this one here. We don’t just need more doctors. We need young doctors who have the energy to deal with children. An old lady like me just isn’t fit for the job.

Yet, the professor remained firm on his decision.

These experiments are supposed to be top-secret. What if someone we hire ends up exposing our plans? If that happens, not even Turlen’s lawyers will be able to save us.

“We can’t hire more help, Norma,” he reiterated. “We’re screwed if word about what we’re doing gets out. Don’t forget that people are still out there looking for this kid.”

“We can just hire those who are willing to take part in these experiments. I’m sure those who’d do it are just as interested. If they try anything funny, we’ll make them our next test subjects.”

With that, Torsten had nothing to say in objection.

“Do what you want,” he snapped before leaving to continue working on his experiments.

Seeing that, Norma gleefully took out her laptop, opened the dark web, and began posting some job openings.

Back in her apartment, Arielle had been keeping a close eye on all the job postings available on the dark web. After coming across the latest one, she spent some time looking into it before confirming her target.

Then, she submitted her own specially-made resume and got William Heaton, a young doctor she had recruited, to do the same.

After William was done, the two of them began awaiting a response.

However, Arielle soon grew anxious after not receiving any feedback in the following two days.

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