A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1686

Chapter 1686 Are You Angry

Sonia was stunned, not expecting Arielle to say that. “Ari, are you angry?” Sonia asked hesitantly. I like having Arielle as a friend, and I don’t want this to ruin things between us.

A hint of a smile appeared on Arielle’s lips when she heard the hesitation in Sonia’s voice. “Why would I be angry? Of course, I’m not! It’s just that I think no matter how you go about this matter, there’ll still be potential dangers.”

If we’re too late, they will have already conducted experiments with the boy. However, it might prompt the other party to resort to desperate measures if we raise such a commotion while searching for the boy. In truth, there are dangers to both methods. I’m only human, not a god. I’ve no way of predicting what the other party is thinking about or will do.

Sonia was also well aware that it was a tricky situation. Hence, she said, “I understand. I’ll tell them what you said.”

Later, Sonia explained everything to Bella and told the latter to relay it to her elder sister.

Worried that the child would be in danger, Bella’s sister said to let the police help with the search.

On the surface, it appeared as though Arielle did not involve herself in the matter.

Nonetheless, she continued following the updates on the matter in private, even making an anonymous post online to remind everyone to keep a close eye on their children. In truth, it would not have mattered if she had not posted that. Parents were alarmed after what happened to the boy and were very vigilant. There was no way they would let anyone with malicious intentions get their hands on their children.

Just then, Vinson came over and informed her that the people she brought in had almost finished learning Turlenese. Hence, she could start getting them to build a relationship network to help with the search.

When he mentioned that, she suddenly remembered the doctors she had recruited. Having a flash of inspiration, she contacted the unmarried young man immediately. He’s the youngest among the doctors, his family is poor, and his parents are ill. The reason he’s here is to earn money to pay for his parents’ treatment back home.

“Vinson, those who took the boy want to conduct experiments on him. Hence, they must require doctors. I’ll go onto the dark web later and check whether they’re hiring doctors. If they are, I’m planning to send in my resume along with that of the youngest doctor among the bunch to apply for the job,” Arielle told him after getting in touch with the doctor in question.

When he heard that, he immediately became worried.

Only a ruthless person would conduct experiments on a child, so he was not agreeable to her putting herself in danger.

“It’ll be fine. Don’t forget that I’ve memorized the Mill family’s medical manuscripts,” she reassured him. With that in hand, why should I fear those people? I could probably wipe them out in seconds. However, that’s only for emergencies. The priority is to find evidence of their crime and send them to prison.

Vinson was still concerned despite her reassurances, but he knew he had no way of deterring her.

Hugging her, he said, “You must be careful!”

Arielle looked at him somewhat helplessly. We haven’t even applied for the job yet, but he’s already acting like this. If we get the job, he’ll probably worry himself sick! Nonetheless, it still makes me happy to know he’s concerned about me.

The feeling of being cared for and missed by someone warmed the cockles of her heart.

She placed her arms around his neck and said, “If I do get the job, I promise I’ll come back safely, even if it’s for your sake.”

Meanwhile, someone commanded, “Linda, keep a close eye on them and report to me no matter what happens!”

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