A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685 The Evil Shall Be Caught

“W-What’s the matter?” Lawrence was stunned by Arielle’s anxious voice. Could it be that…

A thought popped into his mind, and he instantly regretted it.

“Princess, it’ll be a little tough to look for them now,” Lawrence said in a low voice. “It has been a few hours since they’ve left the checkpoint, so he must have gone far by now.”

Arielle inhaled sharply. What should I do to rescue that boy?

“I understand. Withdraw your men.” Arielle massaged the spot between her brows. “Contact the local police of all the other areas and tell them to set up checkpoints for each road. We’ll upload the kid’s photo to the internet later. Download it so that you can use it for verification.” At that, Arielle paused for a moment before grimly saying, “You have to verify every single person with a kid thoroughly; you can’t let them go so quickly.”

“All right. I’ll work on it right away!”

Meanwhile, the netizens were all talking about the case.

It’s been over twenty hours. Can the kid still be found?

I’m so worried about the kid. I hope he’ll be rescued as soon as possible.

I saw lots of police and army troops yesterday. I guess that they’re all there to look for the kid.

There’s still no news about the kid. I’m really worried about his safety.

I pray for the kid to be alive and to be saved soon.

As Arielle read the concerns of the people online, she sent a message to Sonia and asked her to get some photos of the boy from Bella. Once Sonia sent her the photo, Arielle uploaded it to the internet. Soon, the front page of websites and phone applications was filled with photos and information about the boy.

At the same time, she wrote a letter to seek the help of the netizens. That letter was soon trending, and many liked and commented on it:

The bad people will surely be caught.

I have no idea how his parents watched him. How are they going to find an eight-month-old child now?

Won’t the massive search operation make the kidnappers anxious? Will they hurt the kid?

But how long will it take for them to find the kid if they don’t find him this way?

The netizens had many things to say, but Arielle too, did not know how she could search for the kid without putting him in any harm.

All of a sudden, her phone rang. When Arielle lifted it, she realized it was from Sonia. She answered it.

“Sonia,” came Arielle’s tired voice.

“Ari, Bella’s family saw the photo and the letter online. They’re asking if we can take them down. They’ve seen the netizens’ comments, and they’re scared that the boy will be in danger if we do a large-scale search.”

Arielle narrowed her eyes.

Truth be told, she had kinds of worries as well, but every single plan she came up with had its own risks and challenges.

“Sonia, ask them again if they really want to take this down. If they do, I won’t have the energy to intervene in the matter anymore. You know my situation, and I have many other important things to do,” Arielle muttered.

Arielle was not actually planning to do that. After all, Nancy was involved in the case, and she was not going to give up so easily. However, she was not pleased with the parents’ attitude, for she was working so hard to help find their child.

Selfishly speaking, that matter had nothing to do with her at all, and she could close an eye to it. Looking into Nancy from a different direction would still allow her to find something to blackmail the woman with.

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