A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684 The Missing Child

“Y-Yes…” Norma was nervous, but still, she tried to keep it together. “He’s our grandson. His parents miss him, so we’re taking him home to see his parents.”

Lawrence felt that he could not let any car with children leave so easily, so he asked, “What work do you do? What work do his parents do?”

“I’m Professor Hoffmeister of Turlen School of Medicine. This is my pass. You can take a look at it.” Torsten then took out his pass to hand it to Lawrence.

Lawrence glanced at the pass and verified it before he said apologetically, “I’m sorry. There is a missing child, so we have to question everyone who has a child with them.” With that, he quickly gestured to his men to let Torsten’s car pass.

After all, that man was Turlen School of Medicine’s old professor. Although they were not as advanced in the medical field as the other countries, that man had done a lot for the medical school.

“Losing a kid is no small deal. You really have to put your all into finding the kid. After all, all children are their parents’ precious. I can imagine how devastated the parents are after losing the child.” Torsten squeezed out with difficulty as if he could empathize with him. That made Lawrence impressed.

“Yes. We’ll find the kid as soon as possible!” As he said that, he took several steps back and let Torsten’s car go by.

Norma’s heartbeat finally slowed down when they left the area.

“Old man, you’re not at all nervous,” Norma said to Torsten, still holding onto the boy.

Torsten gave her a smug grin. If he had been nervous, they would not have gone through the checkpoint.

“The kid’s quite a good boy. He sleeps quietly after drinking his fill,” Norma commented as she pinched the boy’s cheek.

If not for them wanting to do experiments on live subjects, she would have raised the boy as her own. Even though he was only several months old, she could already see how obedient he was. She liked him, but sadly, she could not keep him.

Torsten gave the boy a side-eye.

This is a precious that I’ve got to keep well. Still, just this one isn’t enough. I need a few more. If I fail, I need at least two more backups.

Time went by in the blink of an eye. Lawrence and the others did not sleep a wink, but their efforts were for naught. There were no signs of the kidnappers. That made them wonder if they had been looking in the wrong direction.

Lawrence then called Arielle and told her about his worries. Arielle grimaced, for she did not know what was going on either.

Are we really going to check every single household? If we do that, won’t we make those people anxious? They might put the boy in danger.

Arielle was stumped for she did not know what was her best course of action.

“General Lawrence, did you not encounter anyone with a kid at all?”

“That’s right.” Just as those words were out of Lawrence’s mouth, he recalled the professor and his wife carrying a child. Hence, he told her, “Wait, no. There was a couple with a kid, but that kid was their grandchild.”

Hearing that, Arielle was alert. “How do you know that the kid is their grandchild? Who are they? Where are they heading to? Did you ask them all that?”

Lawrence was taken aback by Arielle’s questions. There’s no way someone would lie about their grandkid, right? Moreover, he’s a professor! He can’t lie to me, right?

With those thoughts in mind, he said, “I’ve verified his identity. He’s a retired professor at Turlen School of Medicine. The kid they were carrying was his grandkid, and the couple was sending the kid to visit his parents.”

Sirens rang out in Arielle’s head when she heard that. Instantly, she asked, “Lawrence, do you still remember which direction they went in?”

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