A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683 Is This Your Child

At that, she whipped her head to the side to look at Monisha.

Monisha is the only one I’ve assigned this to, so it shouldn’t be an issue from my side. But if it’s from Torsten’s side, they would have been caught a long time ago. Then, what’s going on?

Suddenly, Nancy’s eyes grew wide in realization.

Arielle. It must be Arielle! Arielle was the one who sent me the photos, so she must have been spying on me. How else did she find out about this so quickly?

With that thought in mind, she wrote a note to Monisha and told the latter to throw her phone and her laptop at the uninhabited room at the side. After that, she instructed Monisha to purchase a new phone with a new number under Monisha’s name.

However, she did not ask Monisha to get her another laptop, for a laptop needed an internet connection—she was afraid that Arielle would be able to spy on her after connecting to the internet.

After Monisha placed Nancy’s phone and laptop in the next room, she hurried to Nancy’s side and whispered, “Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”

Nancy narrowed her eyes and replied, “That d*mn girl, Arielle, is spying on me through my phone and laptop!”

When Nancy thought about how Arielle must have overheard her conversation with Monisha, her heart sank.

Doesn’t that mean she has found much information to blackmail me by now? This d*mn girl. I really have to kill her. Who cares about her identity?

“Monisha, I’m sure she has plenty of materials to blackmail me now. No, I mustn’t let her go so easily. She has to die!” Nancy told Monisha in a very cold tone.

Like Nancy, Monisha never expected Arielle to spy on Nancy, let alone have blackmail-worthy information in her hands.

“I understand. I’ll get someone to work on this.”

Once Monisha was gone, Nancy’s expression darkened, and she turned to stare out of the window. There was a pressure on her chest that she was certain would be gone only after Arielle was dead.

Time ticked away, and Arielle’s heart was in her throat. It was almost twelve, but she was still hearing no news. Could it be that they’ve gotten away?

When Vinson noticed how anxious she was, he hugged her and said, “Calm down, Sannie. They’ll surely tell you right away if there’s news.”

He felt a little useless being there at that moment. It was because he was not Turlenian, so he could not even establish a network of his own there. He could not do anything for those matters other than accompany her to confront them.

“I know.” Arielle leaned into Vinson’s arms. She whispered, “I’ve already done what I should do, and even if bad news return, I’ve still done my best already.”

Arielle was no longer worried about Aaron after finding out that he was in no danger. In contrast, she was worried about the boy, and she wondered how he was now.

“What do we do? Can we put on a disguise and get through them?” Norma asked Torsten in a worried tone.

Everyone else had gone past the checkpoints. Norma and Torsten were the only two left at the rest area, and they did not know if they could get out successfully.

“We can give it a try. Remember the words I’ve taught you,” Torsten somberly said to Norma, who nodded.

Torsten then drove forward. When he reached the checkpoint, he took in a deep breath.

“Is this your child?” came Lawrence’s voice from outside the car. Norma’s heart skipped a beat.

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