A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682 A Mole

Right then, the voices of Nancy and Monisha sounded out in the room.

“Monisha, get someone to seize Arielle. I want to make her life a living hell!” Nancy gritted out, the resentment in her voice audible.

“Your Majesty, please calm down. It won’t be appropriate for you to lay a finger on her with her current identity.”

“I can’t take this in silence!” Nancy snapped. “Then get someone to teach her a lesson. I won’t be able to sleep until she has been taught a lesson!”

Arielle frowned. What did I do to make Nancy despise me so much?

Before she could wrap her mind around it, Monisha spoke again.

“Your Majesty, they’ve failed again. This time, they want smaller subjects.”

“Hurry up and send someone to get a few more before sending them over. Tell them to go slow on the subjects.”

Smaller subjects? What smaller subjects? Could it be that it’s…

Arielle’s expression darkened, and a cold look crept into her eyes.

If her speculations were right, Nancy was downright ruthless. Moreover, Arielle had to find that child. She was afraid that, if she were too late, the child would be… The moment she thought about that child’s possible end, her heart sank.

No. No, no, no. I can’t waste any more time.

With that thought in mind, Arielle called Lawrence and told him her speculations.

“Princess, are you sure Her Majesty is doing experiments on humans?” Lawrence could barely squeeze out the last two words.

“General Lawrence, I’m sure!” Although Arielle was panicking, she still did everything rationally. “General Lawrence, do you have any men with you? If you do, please send them to look for the kid.” At that, she paused for a moment before whispering, “If things drag on longer, I’m scared that he might…”

Even though Arielle did not finish her sentence, Lawrence got her hint…

His heart sank as well.

“I understand. I’ll contact some people to work on this.”

After ending the call, Lawrence began making calls to his friends to borrow men from them. When they found out that he was going to look for the eight-month-old boy, they made calls to their friends as well. In the end, they all went to the address that Lawrence sent them.

Arielle continued to listen to the recording.

It was then she heard Nancy asking someone to wipe out the surveillance footage. Then, she heard Nancy hastily instruct Monisha to tell the culprits to move the moment she heard that Aaron’s men had gone to the mountains. In the end, she heard Nancy berating Aaron before locking him up in the palace and confiscating his phone and laptop.

Arielle scowled. She instantly called Lawrence and told him that the people had changed locations. She asked him to station his men at the exits and check those places for suspicious people.

Upon hearing that, Lawrence, who was about to reach his original destination, quickly changed his plan. Like Arielle asked, he stationed his men at checkpoints to seize those culprits.

However, Arielle did not have much hope. She felt that she had gotten the news too late and did not know if she would still be able to intercept those people even if Lawrence stationed his men at the exits now.

If she could not do that, then what they were doing now would alert Nancy and her people to Arielle’s knowledge.

Arielle narrowed her eyes, thinking, No… I have to make preparations earlier.

In the meantime, Nancy was taken aback when she found out that Lawrence was stationing his men at the checkpoints.

She drew her brows together and wondered, Could it be that I have a mole by my side?

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