A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681 Suspecting Nancy

After Arielle and the others went back, she began calling him. Upon realizing that she really could not contact him, she paled.

Promptly, she called Sonia and asked for Lawrence’s number. When Sonia found out that Arielle had something serious to talk about, she quickly told Arielle that Lawrence was right beside her and to not hang up. Then, she handed her phone to her father, telling him that Arielle was looking for him.

“Princess, what’s the matter?”

Although Dylan did not reveal Arielle’s identity to the public before his death, Sybil had admitted that she was Dylan’s daughter. Therefore, she would be the princess of Turlen.

“Can you contact Aaron? Her Majesty has retracted the order for the police and the army to look for the kid, so we’re on our way back,” Arielle told him.

“Contact His Majesty?” Once he reeled in from the shock of her statement, he said, “I’ll call him right away.”

As he spoke, he fished out his phone and made the call. However, no one picked up the call. He tried several more times, but the results were all the same. It was then he realized something was amiss.

“Princess, you’re right. The king cannot be contacted,” Lawrence commented with a frown. “Could it be that Her Majesty has locked him up again?”

Nancy was the only one in Turlen who would lock someone up without any legit reason.

Arielle scowled. “It must be her then.”

The more she thought about it, the stranger the incident seemed to be—it was a very peculiar move to withdraw the police force and the army troops.

Shouldn’t they be in a hurry to find the kid? It has only been hours since they went to the mountains, but she has already told them to withdraw. This doesn’t make sense!

“General Lawrence, do you think that Her Majesty has something to do with the disappearance of that child?” Arielle asked in a low voice.

The moment she said that, Lawrence’s hand shook.

The princess is really daring to think of that! What is the reason for Her Majesty to take that child away? She doesn’t need money. It can’t be that she’s looking to train someone to serve her, right? That doesn’t make sense. After all, everyone—from the noble to the impoverished citizens—would be more than willing to let their child train under Her Majesty.

Arielle was grim. She knew that what Lawrence said made sense, but a voice in her head was telling her that Nancy definitely had something to do with the child missing. Otherwise, why would she have ordered them to withdraw from the mountains so quickly?

It simply did not seem right.

The leader of a country would be eager to catch the culprit after something like that happened. Instead, she had been more eager to withdraw the forces from the mountains.

Furthermore, Aaron was unreachable. Arielle could guess that Nancy must have locked him up.

What is she trying to do?

“General Lawrence, please see if you can come into contact with Aaron. I’m a little worried about him.” Arielle creased her forehead, wishing that she could enter the palace any time she wanted.

Lawrence dared not swear that he would do that, but he still agreed to her request by saying that he would give it a try. He also told her that, if he managed to contact Aaron, he would tell Arielle about it.

After ending the call, Lawrence left Sonia’s place. He had gone to Sonia’s place because he wanted to discuss with Harvey about finding the child. Nevertheless, now that Arielle wanted to contact Aaron, he was going to prioritize that. As for the child… Lawrence could only leave everything to fate.

After washing up, Arielle found herself unable to sleep. She kept thinking about Lawrence’s analyses and her speculations. All of a sudden, she recalled that it had been a while since she listened to Nancy’s surveillance recording. Hence, she switched on her phone. The longer she listened to the recording, the more obvious her grimace became.

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