A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1680

Chapter 1680 Retreat

Aaron stared at Nancy glumly. “Grandma, although you have the power to rule the country, don’t forget that I’m the true ruler of this place.” Then, as he gazed right into his grandmother’s shocked eyes, he uttered, “I’m not going to tell the men to come back.”

With that, he left. He had faith in Arielle’s words and he believed that those people were hidden there. As long as time was on his side, he was going to find them.

“Y-You—” Nancy was livid. She could barely stammer out a word as she held her chest and heaved. When Monisha noticed that, she quickly run her hand down Nancy’s back to calm her down.

After Nancy recovered a little, she immediately sent her men to lock Aaron up in the palace before confiscating his phone and computer. Then, she ordered the police and the army to retreat without delay.

Deep in the mountains, Vinson and Arielle were still walking down the path with the aid of the dim moonlight. Just as they were about to move further into the mountains, they saw Carlos coming toward them.

“Her Majesty has ordered us to leave this place right away.”

Arielle drew her brows together. Why is she ordering us to leave before we find the kid?

“I’m sure that the kid is in this place. If we leave now—” Before Arielle could finish her sentence, Carlos cut her off, “That is what I think as well, but we can’t go against Her Majesty’s orders.” Then, a pause later, he added, “I don’t know what happened in the palace, but we’re unable to contact His Majesty right now.”

Arielle never expected anything to happen to Aaron. When she thought about Dylan, she panicked. As she turned to look at the mountains, she gritted out, “Let’s retreat then.”

All of them had to obey Nancy’s command. Even if Arielle and Vinson were to stay, they would not be able to find the child. The place was huge and it was nighttime; therefore, the three of them would not have the capability to find the child at all.

Thus, they slowly left the mountains. Nancy had been keeping a close eye on the case, so when she heard that they had retreated, she let out a sigh of relief. After that, she hastily told Monisha to tell the group of people to leave the mountains as quickly as possible.

A lucky escape like that might not happen twice.

However, Torsten did not heed Monisha’s words at all.

“Tell her that nothing happened here and have them be at ease. Their constant calls are disrupting my train of thoughts,” Torsten hissed, annoyed.

The skinny man conveyed Torsten’s message with difficulty to Monisha, and she conveyed it to Nancy, who became enraged.

She knew that Torsten was obsessed with those kinds of research, but they were not under normal circumstances right now. She could not understand why Torsten simply would not leave first. I won’t be able to save them if the cops get to them. How can he not realize which action is more important?

“They have to leave!”

The skinny man conveyed the message to Torsten again. When Torsten found out that he had no choice, rage welled up in his chest. He could almost find the answer, but he was forced to stop at the most crucial moment.

“Tell her we’re leaving now!”

After ending the call, Torsten told the group to retreat.

They had been living there for over a decade, so they were familiar with all the paths in the forest. After packing up their things, Torsten left the place with his experiment subject in his arms.

To ensure that the child would not cry and attract attention, they covered the child’s mouth. Afraid that the child would starve, they stopped midway to buy milk powder for him.

Torsten watched the boy down the milk and whispered, “My good boy, I’m going to let you live for a few days longer.”

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