A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1678

Chapter 1678 Nothing She Could Do

There was a man who had covered himself up well and was carrying a child at the intersection ahead. He was in a black sweater with a mask and a cap, but his child was swaddled in thick clothes without a hat.

How can a parent stand to let their kid’s head freeze while their wear thick clothes themself? This doesn’t seem like his kid at all. Could it be that the kid in his arms is that kid?

With that thought in mind, Arielle fixed her gaze on him.

Her fingers danced across the keyboard rapidly as the arrow moved along with that man.

All of a sudden, the arrow stopped, and the man vanished from her surveillance.

Arielle shot up to her feet.

Vinson entered the room to see Arielle standing up, so he asked in concern, “What’s wrong?”

Arielle swiftly told him about the matter.

“That guy disappeared from the surveillance cameras. I have to go to that spot to check the surroundings.” With that said, Arielle shoved her phone into her bag and turned to leave. She wanted to find that child as soon as possible.

She did not know if that man was a human trafficker or something else. Things would be easier if he was just a human trafficker, for the most he would do was sell the child. However, if he were involved in the illegal trade of selling organs on the black market, things would be dangerous. Even a god would have trouble saving the child if the child’s organs were harvested.

“I’ll come with you,” Vinson said. Arielle nodded and called along Lorraine before heading to her destination.

The trio soon arrived at the man’s last seen location on the surveillance camera. The moment they reached, Arielle saw several fork roads.

Arielle stood in the middle of the road in the wind and tucked her ruffled hair away from her face. With a frown, she studied the fork roads.

“Vinson, say, which direction do you think he’ll head to?”

Vinson looked at the fork roads with an equally solemn expression. All the roads either led to mountain ranges or villages; no matter which path he took, it would be no easy feat to find him.

“If there’s only the three of us, we won’t be able to find him,” Vinson said, his brows drawn together. “We’ll have to inform Aaron about this so that he can send the police and the army troops to search this entire place.”

Arielle found reason in Vinson’s words, so she took out her phone to call Aaron.

“Did something happen?”

Despite his steady voice, Aaron sounded cold, which was a stark contrast to the tone he used to have when he spoke to her. However, Arielle did not mind that, for she too, did not want to accept that he was her brother in the past. Therefore, it was nothing unusual for him to act in that way since he did not want to accept the fact that she was his sister.

“I’ve found clues about the person who took the child away. In the footage where he last appeared…” Arielle told him everything about the situation, including how she fixed the surveillance footage and tracked down the man.

“Now we’re at the fork roads that either lead to mountain ranges or villages. Vinson and I don’t have enough connections to scour for him, so will you send the police and the army to come and search for the man?”

Aaron looked more alert after hearing Arielle’s words.

“I got it. I’ll send men to work on it right now,” he told her. Then, he called the cops and told them to head to Arielle’s side. After a moment of contemplation, he called Carlos and instructed the latter to find the man regardless of everything.

Carlos was initially one of Dylan’s men. After Dylan’s death, Nancy tried to get him to join her side. However, he rejected her. His loyalty was pledged to the king, so he would only obey the new king’s orders.

Although Nancy was furious about that, there was nothing she could do.

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